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Man Discovers His Wife Secretly Works As A Prostitute. Awkward!

Mark Andrew





Successful marriages are always built on trust. Without it, a relationship will likely turn sour and crumble, sooner or later. Besides, what’s the point of staying with someone who keeps big secrets from you, right?

Take it from Igor Alexeev who, one night, was at home watching the evening news. A certain report caught his attention, however, as he saw a very familiar face. It was his wife and she was being busted for working as a prostitute!

Igor and Maria, his wife, have been married for eight years and he didn’t have any idea about her secret life.

The live TV report showed a police raid in a brothel in Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan and Maria was caught by the authorities.

After the initial shock, Igor quickly entered Maria’s name into Google and immediately found out that she’s been offering different ‘services’ such as a “full night of love” for the price of £200.

Dismayed by his discovery, Igor called it quits with Maria and he later won custody of their child.

Source: YouTube

More than that, Igor is also “going to court in order to prevent his wife of seeing their six-year-old daughter ever again,” UNILAD reported.

He claims that their daughter deserves to grow up without having to experience the stigma and trauma of knowing that she is the daughter of a sex worker.

Meanwhile, Maria insists that Igor isn’t earning money for their family.

Watch the video report here and see for yourself:

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Well what do you think about this, folks? Also, how would you react if you were in Igor’s shoes? Do you think he did the right thing by separating with her? Do you think Maria’s reasons were acceptable or not? Tell us about it by hitting us up in the comment section below!

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