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Loyal Dog Captured Running After The Ambulance That Picked Up Its Master. Unbelievable!

This is the ultimate testament of genuine loyalty!


It is such a wonder how dogs have natural instincts of taking care of their masters in all ways possible. We have to admit that sometimes dogs can show greater affection than humans. And this viral video we found is another testament to the unconditional love that dogs can provide to people.

In the video below, a dog was seen running after an ambulance that picked up its master who had a seizure attack. The dog looked so worried that it did not stop until the ambulance finally stopped and let it in. When they arrived in the hospital, the dog served as the master’s companion as it stood beside the stretcher carrying the patient.

Watch the video here:

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The man is so lucky to have this dog as his pet because with the attitude that it showed, it will surely save him whatever the circumstance may be. What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Credits: General Dad


They Sniff Out Landmines and Explosives. No They’re Not K9s, They’re Giant Rats!

In almost 56 countries, these giant rats help save thousands of lives…and limbs.

Did you know that K9s aren't the only animals who are trained to sniff out bombs and explosives? Believe it or not, these brave, intelligent creatures also risk their own lives to save human beings---rats!

However, these are no ordinary rats; they are African giant pouched rats called "HeroRats" and they are specifically trained to detect landmines and explosives that have been left by war.

These landmines are responsible for the death of thousands of people every year. But thanks to the hard working pouched rats, at least 56 countries are being cleared of these volatile weapons. Not only that, these giant rats can identify people with tuberculosis. Early detection of this disease is vital for the person's diagnosis and treatment.

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Man Gives His Food to this Stray Dog And The Animal Repaid Him In An Unbelievable Way!

A simple, random act of kindness could mean so much to those you’ve helped.

Myriads of stories have proven how wonderful dogs are and we know it's not an exaggeration. In films and in real life, we've seen how trusting, protective, and loyal they are. And the fact that we can win their hearts by simply doing a small, kind gesture is enough to conclude how appreciative and loving they are by nature.

Stray dogs, in particular, are generally more gentle and grateful than domesticated ones probably because they know how it's like to be hungry and alone. And if you treat them well, they'll stick by you no matter what. They will be there for you like a best friend or a sibling that you never even asked for.

Like the man in this video who nonchalantly gave his food to a hungry, stray dog. He had no idea how much it meant for the pooch. Not up until the end when the dog led him to where he was must go. There he realized that because of that random act of kindness he did for the gentle animal, what he got in return was far more priceless.

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This Photographer Captures Dark and Dreamlike Worlds Through the Lens of Her Camera

These stunning pictures will take you to a dark fantasy world.

Fantasy-adventure movie fanatics would definitely appreciate the works of Seattle-based photographer Kindra Nikole. This amazing woman was able to capture the dark, mysterious, yet enchanting beauty of a dreamlike world through her camera.

The talented photographer released a haunting photo series called Dreamscapes. It features intricately dressed women who are one with nature. Nikole painstakingly worked with fresh foliage even though it's quite taxing. The leaves wilt easily when they were taken out of the water so she had to work fast in constructing the garments.  It's really fascinating how she personally created the models' wardrobe and conceptualized their looks herself.

Nikole said, “Since I have very fleshed-out ideas for the concepts of Dreamscapes, it’s usually not a very long round of shooting before I have what I want."

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