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15-Yr Old Kid Invents Innovative Solution to Prevent Alzheimer’s Patients from Wandering.

He came up with the idea from a daydream!

At last, after several years of scientific drastic research and keen inventions to heighten the needed visibility and recognition to Alzheimer’s, the journey to its solution is finally here!

Thanks to Kenneth Shinozuka, only a 15-year-old student and winner of the third annual $50,000 Scientific American Science in Action Award powered by the Google Science Fair, his brilliant mind gets to brag his genius invention made possible in just a daydream—the SafeWander.

This is Kenneth Shinozuka, the 15-year-old who invented a device called SafeWander.


SafeWander is the first wearable sensor system embedded in a sock consisting of a sensor, a transmitter, and a smartphone application. The sensor is activated once it detects an increase in pressure caused by body weight and immediately sends an audible alert to the caregiver’s Smartphone.

He came up with an idea to prevent his grandfather from wandering.


So with the wide array of persistent diseases why Alzheimer’s? Aside from the unfortunate record of 36 million Alzheimer’s and dementia patients worldwide of which more than 65% wander, he and his family has been victims of this chronic disease.

He explained, “I don’t think I will ever forget my shock at seeing Grandfather in his pajamas, accompanied by a policeman who had found him wandering on a nearby freeway in the middle of the night. He was lucky to have been spotted by the police because some wandering cases end in fatality.” He also encouraged the youth to extend the search of innovative solutions to address such societal challenges.

Now, he’s using his invention, called SafeWander, to help others.


His efforts continue as he plans of producing more units for donation to nursing homes, mostly where he has rendered community service with his fellow Boy Scouts, to Alzheimer’s Patients. He writes,

“This project has given me an incredible life experience — the excitement of creating something new, the pain of getting nowhere, the joy of overcoming obstacles, the pride of accomplishment (including my U.S. patent and journal publication from this project), and the peace of mind from knowing that my grandfather is safe, and my aunt can sleep better at night. I will never forget how deeply moved my entire family was when they first witnessed my sensor detecting Grandfather’s wandering.

At that moment, I was struck by the power of technology to change lives. I am now even more motivated to pursue my passion for technological innovations that solve healthcare problems facing our increasingly aging society.”

Watch the video:

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Man Bravely Strips Off to Reveal the Excess Skin After Incredibly Losing 270 Pounds!

Matt Diaz has worked extremely hard to lose 270 pounds over the past six years. The result? Incredible!

Blogger Matt Diaz, 22, took social media abuzz when he posted his half-naked photos on his Tumblr blog. Diaz lost about 270 lbs, and has since carried excess skin all over his body. While he religiously documented his weight loss journey, which started when he was 16 years old, he never revealed how he looks like under his shirt. For him, the excess skin on his body are flaws that he is too scared to expose. But then, he realized that he cannot promote positivism and acceptance in his blog if he himself is not ready to embrace his imperfection. Just recently, he decided to show his body to the world saying,

'I'm really scared to put this up. But I think it's important for me to share this with you guys, because this is who I am.'

Photo taken before Matt lost 270 lbs.


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Let your children learn through their own experiences.


Children view adults as mentors. How an adult acts and reacts to life situations can greatly influence a child's identity. We can all be considered teachers in the eyes of a child, as we share basic information that can help increase their knowledge.

However, the children today are more advanced, maybe because they now have access to unlimited information that are just one click away. But there is more to life that needs to be learned- things that only experience can teach, experiences that can help children become wiser.

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