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Japan’s Innovative Chair-Umbrella Is Both Awesome and Bizzare





Japanese inventors are always at work, trying to come up with innovative solutions for age-old problems and this crazy new product is yet another testament to that.

Ever experienced the trouble of wanting to sit so bad without spotting any chairs in sight? That would never be a dilemma for you again if you have the chair-umbrella.

Yes, this interesting product is literally what its name implies – it is a chair and an umbrella merged into one.

There’s more to this umbrella than meets the eye.

japan-chair-umbrella 4

Photo credit: Thanko

So how does the chair-umbrella exactly work? Well first off, you can use this as a regular umbrella when it’s sunny or rainy.

By folding the handle, you can quickly transform this umbrella…

japan-chair-umbrella 3

Photo credit: Thanko

To use its chair feature, you simply turn it upside-down, open the handle and that’s it. The umbrella has already converted into a chair.

…Into a chair you can use anytime, anywhere.


Here’s the official product description of the chair-umbrella as found on Thanko’s website:

“Have you ever thought, ‘Geez, I’d really like to rest, but there’s nowhere to sit!’

Well now you can… with your chair-umbrella! Just fold open the handle and you can change it into a chair.

Sit down, take a load off, and relax anytime you want with your very own transforming chair-umbrella.”

You may watch the product demo here:

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Netizens from Japan have mixed reactions about this invention though.

Some have commented:

“Looks like you’d be in a lot of pain if it slipped.”

“That’s got to be pretty heavy for an umbrella.”

“Ugh, stop inventing this crap and make an umbrella I can fold into my pocket.”

“Pfft, this is nothing. I’ve worn chair-jeans before.”

I absolutely have no idea what chair-jeans are. Maybe we should Google that up?

You can buy the chair-umbrella online.

japan-chair-umbrella 1

Photo credit: Thanko

Anyway, in case you’re impressed with the chair-umbrella and want to purchase one, don’t let me stop you. Go head over to the Thanko website. While there you may also check out various novelty items in their gallery.

H/T: RocketNews24


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