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How to Survive a Grenade Blast, According to Science





Is it possible to survive a grenade blast? Will you have greater chances on land or underwater? YouTubers Mark Rober and BackyardScientist Kevin answered both of these important questions in a new video uploaded just this month.

For this experiment, the two guys ended up about 15 feet away from their respective grenades and then analyze which one is a much safer option. Along with that, the guys give a brief explanation of exactly how a grenade works.

YouTubers Mark Rober and BackyardScientist Kevin discuss which is safer during a grenade blast – land or water.

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Source: YouTube

As Mark tells us, a grenade is completely safe as long as the pin is still in place. It only becomes really dangerous after the pin is removed and is dropped in a surface. Also, he took the time to explain the waffle-like pattern seen in the exterior of a grenade saying that the bumpy pattern creates weak points and that’s where it breaks as it detonates. “And since there are 40 bumps,” Mark points out, “this grenade is basically an explosion that shoots 40 bullets in all directions.”

Sounds scary? Well, you bet it is! So let’s go check out what these guys have to say about which option gives us a bigger chance of survival.

Go watch the video here:

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Published on YouTube, the video has since racked millions of views in just a few days which is, of course, no small feat in itself. It looks like a lot of folks are really interested about the idea of staying alive after a grenade blast. Well, who wouldn’t want that, right?

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