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6 Rules of Being an Effective Social Climber





We can’t all be born with silver spoons in our mouths and this is nothing to be ashamed of. But just because we’re not filthy rich, that doesn’t mean we can’t fit into the social circles of those who are rich. So if you want to wiggle your way into rubbing elbows with people who make more dough that you can imagine, here’s how you can pull that off without embarrassing yourself.

1. Be polite and well-mannered.

Be as refined as you can be with your gestures and words. Don’t be brash and loud-mouthed, as this will only make the more genteel types be wary of you. Instead, be as polite as you can be (without being over the top!), and make sure your movements are as refined as possible.

2. Be on time.

Time is the one thing money can’t buy, which is why rich folk value it above all else. So always make sure you arrive for your appointments on time, as being punctual can also be a sign of good manners and therefore a good background.

3. Know whatever's worth knowing.

Source: Xinhua

If you want to fit into polite society and the people in the social circle you’re trying to infiltrate are into the arts, have at least some background information on this. If they’re into wining and dining, read up on food and how to pronounce fancy French dishes. Being ignorant about these things will instantly make you seem like an outsider.

4. No money talk!

This includes talking about your salary, how much your car payments are, and what you would consider “extravagant.” If the social circle you want to get into don’t care about that sort of thing, then great! But if you suddenly blurt out how much you pay for rent when you’re around snooty rich types, they might be appalled at what you consider expensive!

5. Don't tell them everything.

The rich tend to keep private matters private, so it’s best if you do the same. Spewing too many details about your life may make them think you’re trying to hard to get them to like you or be impressed by you, and might then lead them to avoid you.

6. Have a hobby.

The rich tend to have interesting, yet sometimes obscure, hobbies. Hobbies show that your life doesn’t just revolve around working to make money and resting from all the work you’ve been doing. So if they ask what you were up to over the weekend, make sure you have an interesting hobby to talk about like tennis, watercolor painting or visiting museums.

You’d be surprised at how well you can fit into polite society if you take note of these tips!

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