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You’ve Been Wrapping Gifts the Wrong Way All This Time… THIS is How You Do It!

In less than 15 seconds!






The Japanese really have a talent for more efficient and time-saving way of doing things. This is not really surprising, given the number of great inventions they have come up with. Their genius even  extends to simplifying complicated chores. Take gift-wrapping, for instance. A lot of people struggle with wrapping their gifts and they often end up using too much time and paper.

Now Christmas is just around the corner and soon you’ll have to do the inevitable task of wrapping up gifts. Don’t worry – with just a few swift movements and minimal usage of gift wrapper, this tutorial shows you how it should be done. Assuming you have everything you need within your reach (scissors, tape, etc), you can wrap your gift in less than 15 seconds. It’s possible!

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What Happens When You Put an Onion on Your Ear Overnight

Onions are natural antibiotics.

Grace Alviar Viray



Did you know that onions can cure ear ache?

Onions are known to be a natural remedy for a myriad of illnesses and one of its benefits is relieving ear ache. Ear ache, which is usually caused by infection, can actually compromise our productivity as adults and is actually a major source of discomfort for children.

However, there is no need to worry about curing ear pain even at a time when we can't go out to the drugstore. A good, cheap, and natural antibiotic is the onion which can be found in our kitchen cupboards. It's actually safe and effective and has been used as a go-to remedy for ear ache for many centuries now.

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7 Different Ways To Chop An Onion

This onion cutting video began informative but ended hilarious.

Mark Andrew



Onions. I love them on my food but I really hate chopping them. They often make my eyes cry. For that very reason, I try to skip this chore as often as I can and simply let my wife do it most of the time. She’s an expert at it, believe me.

So when I first encountered this video on YouTube, I was like “Hey, this might be my chance to impress the wife about handling an onion for once.” I know I’m not a good cook but the idea of learning seven different chopping techniques seemed too tempting to resist.

So I immediately clicked the link and played the darn clip.

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This Guy’s ‘Skin a Watermelon’ Party Trick Totally Rocks!

It’s not rocket science but if you want to amaze your friends or family, this will surely work.

Ann Moises



Watermelons are one of my all-time favorite fruits. It’s delicious, and it’s a natural laxative that can help cleanse our digestive system. However, one of the downsides of eating watermelons is that it can be messy, particularly if you have to deal with its rind.

Remember that video posted by former NASA engineer Mark Rober in his YouTube channel, where he made a watermelon smoothie using a drill and a coat hanger? It‘s really a cool trick, although I agree that it appeared a bit creepy when he placed the eyes and the tongue on the fruit like that.

So when I saw him post another video about a new watermelon how-to guide, I immediately clicked the button to see it. This time, Rober shares with us his technique on how to skin the gigantic fruit so it would come out neat and smooth while making the rind look like a capsule.

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