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Gaping Plot Holes You May Not Have Noticed In Your Favorite Movies





Every time we watch good movies especially our favorite ones. We usually enjoyed the interesting storyline, the epic fight scenes, and the awesome special effects that we often fail to notice some gaping plot holes and logical inconsistencies.

For most movie enthusiasts and critics, noticing plot holes and finding easter eggs while watching movies can be fun. Most people find it satisfying when they noticed something out of hand that the writer or director might have missed.

Here’s some gaping plot holes of famous movies that you may not have noticed before.

1. Signs

2. Star Wars

3. The Dark Knight Rises

4. The Matrix

5. Toy Story

6. Waterworld

7. West Side Story

8. Armageddon

9. Back To The Future

10. Die Hard II

11. Ghostbusters 2

12. The Simpsons

13. Karate Kid

14. Rocky 5

15. Santa Claus

16. Home Alone

17. Independence Day

Are you aware of any gaping plot holes from famous movies that are not mentioned in this list? Comment it below. Don’t forget to share this interesting discovery with your friends and see if they are also surprised.

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