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She was Bullied Because of Her Birthmark But She Refused to Remove it. INSPIRING!





Whenever we struggle through life, comparing ourselves to other people and feeling less beautiful or important, these are the words to ponder on,

‘Uniqueness is a scientific fact of life. When God made you, He broke the mold. There never has been, and never will be, anybody exactly like you. ‘- Purpose Driven

We are created unique and beautiful, thus, we should be confident in our own skin. Living up to this is the Alberta, Canada based Cassandra Naud. The 22-year-old professional dancer was born with a large birthmark under her left eye. Bullied in her youth, she would fought back tears and felt ugly. She even struggled to get rid of it and beg for an operation.  This has changed though when she learned to appreciate her unique appearance and embraced it instead.

Naud was born with hypertrichosis, a rare condition which causes excessive hair growth in certain parts of the body.


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She was bullied because of it.


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She used to feel ugly..


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but now she is out and proud of her uniqueness.


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It didn’t even stop her to find love.


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Right after her birth, doctors suggested to her parents that her birthmark can be removed but it would leave her face scarred so they refused.


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‘I’m so glad my parents chose to leave my birthmark as it’s part of who I am. Having a birthmark distinguishes me – and I don’t feel that it has ever held me back,’ she says.


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She was told by one agent to ‘Photoshop her birthmark out of her head shots’ but she didn’t do it.


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‘It makes me unique and memorable, which is especially important for the career I’ve chosen.’


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She is undoubtedly beautiful though.


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She says her birthmark is a huge part of her and she’s glad she decided to keep it.


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She chose to appreciate her individuality.


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‘Times are changing, so don’t worry about looking normal. Don’t let bullies stop you and be proud of your uniqueness.’–Cassandra


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Girl on fire! What an inspiration! In this day and age where some would do anything to hide their imperfections, you chose to show it and make it your strength. Setting an example to many others who aren’t confident with how they look is not easy but you did it and that is true beauty. Hats off!

H/T: BoredPanda, aplus, daily mail

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