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12 Everyday Things That Will Disappear in the Future Forever


In the past, things such as videotapes and landlines were a huge thing. People were even obsessed with using them on a regular basis. But as the years went by, these devices started to go out of fashion. Instead of using landlines, people nowadays would grab their smartphones and connect with others through social media.

We here at Elite Readers compiled a list of things that you may find hard to live without but may not be very appealing anymore for the next generation.

Scroll down and check them out!

#12. Chocolate

Source: Pixabay

Yes, it is possible for you to say goodbye to your favorite chocolate one day. Keep in mind that the cocoa production nowadays has been greatly reduced. And perhaps it is only a matter of time before chocolates become totally nonexistent. Analysts believe that the significant gap – which is gradually increasing day by day – between the demand and supply of chocolates may contribute to their extinction.

#11. Gold

Source: Pixabay

This is definitely bad news for anyone who loves gold. Apparently, it is starting to disappear from the planet’s surface, with miners already pulling themselves from the business. This goes without saying that investments in gold are already falling, with a possibility of 15-20 percent fall in the next years to come.

#10. Cash

Source: Pixabay

Cash – and even debit and credit cards – may soon become useless. Experts believe that in the next 50 years, the world would possibly see a brand new method of transaction. Perhaps using fingerprints whatsoever would be enough to buy you stuff.

#9. Signatures

Source: Pixabay

Just like cash, signatures will also become a thing of the past. With the ever-advancing technology, biometrics such as fingerprints and voice recognition will soon replace signatures. And these methods are actually beneficial, considering the fact that they cannot be falsely produced.

#8. Remote Controls

Source: Pixabay

The Internet technology is without a doubt a huge milestone in the history of humanity. However, it also means the death of other technologies such as remote controls. Soon, people will be using their voices and irises to change channels or control stuff. Heck, nowadays we already have voice commands such as Amazon Echo. How long do you think before experts apply this technology to devices that will replace remote controls?

#7. Traffic Jams

Source: Pixabay

Hopefully. We are pretty sure everyone in this world wants this thing to vanish. Thanks to driverless cars, humanity is already a few steps away from removing traffic jams. Since these cars are automatically driven and perfected with the right algorithm, there is no room for mistakes. And with cars driving safely and accordingly, traffic jams will no longer exist on roads.

#6. Fast Food Workers

Source: Odyssey

Sure, taking orders or preparing meals are jobs that can only be handled by people who know how to deliver proper customer service. However, these can easily be replaced by bots soon. Soon, you might be talking to an automated voice when ordering food items. And it is also possible for the bots to prepare the food themselves!

#5. Surgeons

Source: Pixabay

Skilled professions like surgeons might soon lose their job, thanks to artificial intelligence and robotic technology. Hospitals will be filled and controlled by robotic solutions. Surgeries, in particular, may be handled by robots.

#4. Diabetes

Source: Pixabay

Scientists right now are actually trying to find a way to clone sugar. That way, illnesses such as diabetes can be prevented. People will no longer rely on sugar, as they can use the artificial one instead. And that is really a good thing to look forward to.

#3. Privacy

Source: Pixabay

Wherever and whenever you go, all of these will be recorded. Your click habits, favorite movies, and shopping patterns, among others, will be identified thanks to the advance of internet technology. Privacy will no longer exist. But the big question here is: “Are we ready?”

#2. Locks and Keys

Source: Pixabay

They may still exist in the next 20 years or so, but many will find them old and cliché. Key card readers will be improved and vehicles will rely on push-button ignitions. Welcome to the future indeed!

#1. Chargers

Source: Pixabay

Chargers that will cost you money and thus you do not want to lose will soon become unnecessary. In fact, it is already starting. We now have Bluetooth and wireless charging, both of which are technologies sufficient to support a new kind of charging process.

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