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This Bridge In Japan Will Make You Feel Like You’re Riding A Roller Coaster

The Eshima Ohashi bridge is the world’s third largest bridge of its kind.






Driving along Japan’s Eshima Ohashi bridge will make you feel as if you’re on a roller coaster ride – except that there’s no loops and spins for a thrilling ride.

The bridge is remarkably steep, it could either be a fun or terrifying experience driving along it – it depends if you enjoy the thrill or you’re usually scared of heights. The bridge serves as a connection for the cities of Sakaiminato and Matsue. It’s designed that way to accommodate the ships that pass underneath it.

When photographed from the front using telephoto lens, the bridge would appear really steep. But it turns out that it’s not that steep at all as both sides of the bridge have a slope gradient of 6.1 percent and 5.1 percent.

The Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan has a total length of 1.7 kilometers.


It has a width of 11.3 meters and a height of 144 meters.


It is the country’s largest rigid frame bridge and world’s third largest.


The bridge is designed that way to allow ships to pass underneath.


This bridge connects two cities in Western Japan, Sakaiminato and Matsue


When looking at photos of the bridge taken from a certain angle, it might make you think that drivers are going down a steep slope as if riding a roller coaster.

The slope gradient on both sides are at 6.1 and 5.1 percent.


Recently, the bridge has garnered attention due to its “steepness” as seen in a commercial video from Daihatsu Motor Co. for its Tanto minivan. The bridge was shown to be in its exaggerated steepness so people would have an impression that the minivan is tough.

Here are the slopes on both sides of the bridge when viewed from afar. It’s not so steep, is it?


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5 Places on the Planet Where People Are Forbidden to Visit

If you know what’s good for you, you won’t be visiting these places ever – not even if you have all the money in the world.

Kat Lozada



As long as you have the financial resources, going on a trip to any destination should not be a problem. There are places, however, that are just not for visiting, not because it would cost you a lot, but because people are simply forbidden to go there.

There are five places on this planet that are simply not worth all the money in the world, nor your life for that matter:

1. Surtsey Island

1. Surtsey Island

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This Fully Solar-Powered Town In Florida Will Have Self-Driving Cars

A small town in southwest Florida is set to become America’s “most sustainable town.”

Mark Andrew



A small town in southwest Florida is set to become the most sustainable town in America. Or the entire world, for that matter.

Babcock Ranch, with its land area of 18,000 acres, is a small town taking bold steps towards a cleaner future. In about a year’s time, it is expected that the town will be running entirely on solar power. This will be possible with the use of a 443-acre power plant. Reports also tell us that over half of the total land area will be used for parks, lakes, trails, and other green spaces.

Real estate firm Kitson & Partners is working on making Babcock Ranch the most sustainable town in America.

babcock ranch 1

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18 Very Important Things to Know If You Want to Be Known as a Real Traveler

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A lot of people love to travel. Sometimes, the mere mention of going on a vacation tends to get them excited. The truth of the matter is, being an experienced traveler isn’t in the number of countries you’ve visited. There’s actually a big difference between a tourist who just loves to go on vacations in new countries from a traveler who takes time to explore the place, taking in the culture and getting to know its people.

To be a true traveler, consider these 18 pieces of significant advice to guide you during your trips. Level up from being a tourist to a traveler.

1. Note that the new place you’re visiting happens to be someone else’s home.

1.  Note that the new place you’re visiting happens to be someone else’s home.

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