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Man Instantly Becomes Piano Prodigy After Accidentally Bumping His Head On The Pool





Playing the piano has always been one of my frustrations. Sure, I know my way around the drums, the guitars, and the bass but, for some reason, I really couldn’t get the instrument despite several attempts to learn it.

So for the most part, I could only stare at other piano players, feeling envious for their skills.

Now imagine waking up one day with the ability to play the piano like a real master! Well this man from Denver, Colorado experienced exactly that.

Derek Amato became a piano prodigy overnight after a pool accident.

Source: youtube

According to Derek, he dove into the shallow part of the pool and hit his head. This resulted to having a severe concussion as well as hearing and memory loss.

After several days, he suddenly felt the urge to sit down at the piano for the very first time.

Source: youtube

He played an original composition until 2:00 in the morning.

In a blog post on the Wisconsin Medical Society website, Derek wrote:

“As I shut my eyes, I found these black and white structures moving from left to right, which in fact would represent in my mind, a fluid and continuous stream of musical notation.”

He likewise described that moment when he played music for his surprised mother.

Source: youtube

“We found the nearest piano as I asked her to sit next to me. I remember asking her if she was ready. I shut my eyes and hoped that I would again see these black and white structures moving left to right. I began to play as if I was exploring some unfound treasure that had been locked up all this time in my head. My mother sat and cried, and then asked me, ‘what are you doing?’ My response was simple, ‘I guess God decided to give me my birthday present a bit early this year mom.’”

However, the unusual gift also came with a terrible price as he continues to suffer as a consequence of the said accident.

Source: youtube
Watch the video here and learn more about Derek Amato’s condition:

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