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Dad Recreates ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Scenes With Daughter In Sweet Photos





Good dads will do almost anything for their daughters to make them feel special. So when one dad discovered that his precious little girl dreams about magic and wonder, he went above and beyond to deliver.

Photographer Josh Rossi from Salt Lake City, Utah made his daughter’s fairytale dream come true by transforming her into a Disney Princess. He surprised his three-year-old daughter Nellee and turned her into Belle of “Beauty and the Beast” for a photoshoot.

Josh said:

“Whenever something special comes up I do something fun for her… and she’s obsessed with Belle from the movie. She loves when the Beast comes out when they fall in love. So I was like, ‘Okay. That could be fun.’“

The 32-year-old father didn’t only turn his daughter into Belle but also to turned himself into the Beast.

But Josh didn’t stop there. The self-proclaimed “Photoshop Dad” used his skills to make the photos appear like they were straight out from the movie scenes.

To pull off the whimsical shoot, Josh flew to Europe to photograph castles and villages in five different cities.

He said:

“I took some background shots of the castle, some surroundings. We had somebody donate three of the replica dresses that they created, for a kids’ version. Then I got home and did a photo shoot of her.”

Josh documented the whole process. The video showed everything from the beginning of the journey to the last as it featured his trip to Europe up until the point when he gave Nellee the beautiful portrait.

And while the images are undoubtedly amazing, the best part of all is that the father and daughter definitely had fun making memories together. Kudos to this awesome dad for doing his best to make his child happy.

Watch the video here:

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