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Dad Can’t Stop Laughing At Daughter’s Corny Grocery Jokes





It always feels good when we see examples of a good parent-child relationship. Without a doubt, that can be said about this father and daughter pair from California who recently went viral on social media because of a hilarious yet unmistakably heartwarming video.

Twitter netizen Kylie Moy shared a 2-minute video taken inside a store in Los Alamitos, California when she and her dad Richard went out for a quick grocery run. What eventually caught everyone’s attention, aside from Kylie’s cheesy jokes, was how her father reacted to her one-liners.

“Are you nuts?” Kylie asked Richard while holding this bag.

In the video description, she wrote:

“Just your typical Sunday errands with Kylie and TankTopMoy. On today’s list of things to do was grocery shopping so I decided to make a boring errand more interesting!”

So while at the store, Kylie came up with a lot of funny puns such as “You are the apple of my eye” and “Orange you glad I came?” while showing him those fruits.

At one point, Richard himself fired back and told Kylie “I’m gonna beet you up” while holding – yes, you guessed it – some beets.

No words needed: They both had a good laugh when she showed him this!

“I’m not taking you shopping anymore,” Richard jokingly said in between laughter.

Watch the adorable video here and see for yourself:

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The video later went viral as it earned numerous shares on social media and as various news sources likewise wrote about the story.

Meanwhile, netizens over at YouTube couldn’t get enough of the video and many of them left wonderful comments online.

One wrote:

“Best video ever… You and your Dad are priceless!”

Another commented:

“You’re both adorable. I’d love to hang out with you both.”

Meanwhile, someone said:

“This video and the relationship you have with your dad warms my heart.”

Needless to say, we hope to see more fun (and pun) videos from these two. We love them!

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