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Hilarious Epic Fail! Dad Accidentally Sends D*ck Pic To His Son





In life, there are certain things we can never take back – the stone after it’s thrown, the word after it’s said, the deed after it’s done and, of course, the text message after its been sent.

We bet this father just wishes he should have gotten more careful before hitting the ‘send’ button because his carelessness resulted to an embarrassing mistake.

This dad just sent a text message to his son, reminding him to greet his Aunt Linda foir her birthday when he, as you’ve read in this article title, made the huge error of accidentally sending a d*ck pic.

Just imagine the son’s shock and surprise when he received this:

As you can probably tell, things got really awkward from there.

The dad requested “please delete and lets move on” but the son started teasing him mercilessly.

“Dad, you have a killer d*ck,” he said!

“Just call Aunt Linda,” the father reminded. His son remained focused at the task at hand.

The son continued complimenting the father’s ‘asset’ and even told him “I gained a lot of respect for you today, pops.”

At this point, the father was feeling extremely upset embarrassed because of the mistake.

“I’ll send to mom and get her opinion,” the son also teased.

Fortunately for the father, his son was simply joking all along.

Still, that terrible mistake just happened and we have no doubt that the dad is so filled with regret now.

So yes, let this could be a lesson for all – check your messages twice (or more, if necessary) before sending anything. You definitely wouldn’t want to end up in the same awkward situation!

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