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Couple Saves Boy Who Nearly Fell Off The Escalator In China

The man is the young boy’s guardian angel.


A boy nearly fell off an escalator when he climbed on the moving handrail. Thanks to a couple who was on the escalator going the opposite direction, they were able to catch him just in time.

The boy, who is still unidentified, nearly fell to his death when he climbed a moving escalator on the second floor of a Chinese shopping mall.

While he was trying to climb the handrail, he lost his balance and nearly fell to his death.

Luckily, two people who were going up the opposite escalator were there to catch him in time before he could have fallen to his death. Apparently, the boy just leaned against the moving handrail when he was playing unattended.

He got caught and lost his balance.

A CCTV footage has been released and went viral on YouKu and Sohu, which are both video sharing sites in China.

The heart-stopping incident happened in a shopping mall in the Baishan District in Jiangyuan City. The police have not yet released a statement regarding the incident but this is an eye-opener for many parents to never leave their kids unattended, particularly near escalators.

Good thing, a man caught the boy just in time.

For the boy, he’s lucky that the man caught him just in time and placed him on the small platform near the escalator foot.

This isn't the first escalator incident in China.

Source: Pixabay

In fact, many other escalator accidents have caused injuries and even deaths among adults and children, not only in China but also across the globe. For instance, a toddler has died when he got trapped between the moving handrail and the floor in China. In the same country, a mother died when the escalator platform collapsed. Fortunately, she was able to save her daughter before she fell to her death.

In another incident, several people fell down like dominoes in an escalator mishap in China, making the country the center of international attention regarding the safety of their escalators.

This should serve as a lesson for everyone, no matter where you are. Always look after your children because accidents can happen at any time and anywhere.


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