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This Couple Decided To Adopt Two Kids From Ethiopia And Their First Meeting Was Extremely Moving!

The joy of parenthood highlighted all throughout this video!

No words can ever define how couples feel when they become parents. For many, it is the greatest, most special and most surreal moment they can ever experience. Nothing beats holding one’s own flesh and blood into his/ her arms.

Adopting kids, although not exactly the same as having biological kids, is equally meaningful too. For those who choose to adopt, the process is quite tedious, especially if the parents decide to adopt kids from afar. The paper works, legal measures as well as the emotional preparation of the child are just some of the things one has to go through to be able to adopt successfully. But in the end, when everything had been done, we are sure everything’s gonna be worth it.

Meet Brandon and Jen Hatmaker, a couple who decided to adopt two kids from Ethiopia. The video below captures the first meeting of the family. It was very obvious that Jen had this naturally beautiful glow of anticipation as she and her husband waited for their new kids, Ben and Remy. When the kids finally came out, that joy of a first hug and first kiss emanated wonderfully.

Watch the video here:

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This, we think, is one of the most touching parenthood videos we have ever seen! We admire the couple for having such genuine hearts. We are sure the kids will be welcomed into their new homes with more warm hugs and a promise of a good future.

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Credits: Brandon Hatmaker via The San Francisco Globe


Husband Returns Back from the Military and Surprises His Wife in the Most Unexpected Way!

She thought they were just eating out, but didn’t expect that her husband will be the one to bring in their orders!

Being away from our loved ones is sometimes necessary. Whether it be because of work, studies or any other important matter, we have to make sacrifices in order to reap good rewards in the end. The agony of waiting endlessly may pain us but when it is time for the big homecoming, it will sure be worth the wait.

In this video, a military man returns from his duty and wanted to surprise his wife in the most unexpected way. So the family set up a lunch at a restaurant where the surprise would take place. The wife thought they were just going to eat out, but when her husband arrived in their table holding their orders, she lost it and the most heartfelt moment happened!

Watch the video here:

What a sweet, sweet surprise! We can really tell how much they've missed each other. Indeed, nothing compares to being in the arms of the one you love the most.

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Kid with Cardboard School Bag is Equal Parts Heart-Breaking and Inspiring

This student is so poor his family couldn’t even afford to buy him a schoolbag.

Do you still remember the bags you used for school when you were younger? Did you have those fancy bags with catchy kiddie designs? Did you choose the bags yourself or did your parents simply bought it for you?

Whatever your answers may be, consider yourself lucky compared to the young boy whose picture recently went viral online.

As you can see on the image, this student is so poor his family couldn’t even afford to buy him a schoolbag. And so he uses a cardboard box to carry his school stuff instead.

Without a schoolbag, this boy uses a cardboard box instead to carry his stuff to school.


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Model Got Her Leg Amputated Because of Tampon Use…Seriously, It’s Possible

Wearing a tampon cost a model her leg.

Tampons are pretty much a staple in most women’s list of essentials. A lot of females find it very convenient to use tampons instead of sanitary napkins. But one woman discovered that this convenience came at a heavy price…she used a tampon and lost her leg because of it.

Model Lauren Wasser had it all. She inherited her parents’ good looks (they were models too) and towers at 5’11 tall, a blonde, blue-eyed beauty. She chose a modeling career over a college basketball scholarship. Soon she became part of the LA social scene and was living on her own apartment in Santa Monica Boulevard.

She had it all.


Photo credit:

All that changed on a fateful day Lauren was feeling sick and had her period. She headed to the drugstore to freshen her supply of Kotex tampons, the kind that she always used. That night, she attended a party and prayed that her flu-like symptoms would go away. She got even worse and decided to head home to rest. When she woke the next day, she was burning up with a 107-degree fever. Luckily for her during that time, her worried mother sent the police and a friend to her house to check on her....

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