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This Couple Decided To Adopt Two Kids From Ethiopia And Their First Meeting Was Extremely Moving!





No words can ever define how couples feel when they become parents. For many, it is the greatest, most special and most surreal moment they can ever experience. Nothing beats holding one’s own flesh and blood into his/ her arms.

Adopting kids, although not exactly the same as having biological kids, is equally meaningful too. For those who choose to adopt, the process is quite tedious, especially if the parents decide to adopt kids from afar. The paper works, legal measures as well as the emotional preparation of the child are just some of the things one has to go through to be able to adopt successfully. But in the end, when everything had been done, we are sure everything’s gonna be worth it.

Meet Brandon and Jen Hatmaker, a couple who decided to adopt two kids from Ethiopia. The video below captures the first meeting of the family. It was very obvious that Jen had this naturally beautiful glow of anticipation as she and her husband waited for their new kids, Ben and Remy. When the kids finally came out, that joy of a first hug and first kiss emanated wonderfully.

Watch the video here:

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This, we think, is one of the most touching parenthood videos we have ever seen! We admire the couple for having such genuine hearts. We are sure the kids will be welcomed into their new homes with more warm hugs and a promise of a good future.

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Credits: Brandon Hatmaker via The San Francisco Globe

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