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Teen Girl Shares Sad Story of Living In The Wuhan Outbreak

This is “the worst kind of heartbreak,” she wrote.

  • A teenager girl in Wuhan, China has documented what life is like living in the quarantined city.
  • Netizens have since been touched by the girl’s heartbreaking story.
  • Over a short period of time, she has lost her mom and dad to coronavirus.
  • Eventually, she also ended up getting infected by the dreaded disease.

The nightmare began in December 2019. Fast forward to the present, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) still continues to wreak havoc in China. In fact, the viral disease has spread to all provinces within the country.

As of this writing, confirmed cases of infected individuals in China is already over 76,000 and the disease has claimed almost 2,500 lives. Since January 23, the government has placed Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, in total lock down which means the city’s 60 million residents are not permitted to go anywhere. Now a teenager has taken in upon herself to share what life is like living in quarantine.

Posted on Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter, the heartbreaking “Diary of a Girl in Wuhan” has gone viral on social media.

Translated to English by BoredPanda, the series of posts shows us how difficult it is to get stuck in Wuhan, especially once your loved ones – or even you – get sick of the disease. Numerous netizens who have since read her experiences have expressed love and support for the poor teen.

Go check out her other posts below:

“Not sure if it’s good news.”
In less than a week, she lost her mother.
Shortly thereafter, her father also got sick and the young girl described it as “the worst kind of heartbreak.”
“I dreamed of mom…”
Eventually, her dad also passed away.
“We will come home together.”

Eventually, a friend posted an update in her behalf, telling followers that she is currently receiving treatment at one of the city’s medical facilities.


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