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Special Pillow Is Perfect For Couples Who Love Cuddling In Bed

Now you can “snuggle comfortably all night long” without worrying about arm numbness!


Let’s face it: while snuggling in bed surely makes sleeping more romantic, it’s really not comfortable at all. Case in point, it will leave your arm feeling terribly numb if you do it too long without changing positions.

Well now one company has risen up to address that dilemma for good – by creating a special pillow to help you avoid the pain that comes with it. And yes, you no longer have to wake your partner up if he or she has already fallen asleep on your arm.

Source: Coodle

Coodle, a firm based in the United States, is selling an arch-shaped foam pillow with plastic rib interiors that allows it to stay in form.

“Its revolutionary patented brace design system completely prevents the weight of your head or your cuddle partner’s head from squashing your arm,” the website says. “Now your arm won’t fall asleep or go numb. Snuggle comfortably all night long!”

Source: Coodle

In a LadBible report, we learn that the pillow “was invented by real-life couple Bob and Shirley, who love cuddling up to watch TV.” Eventually, the pair came up with the idea to create a solution for the problem and so the Coodle pillow was born. They eventually secured a utility patent from the United States Patent Office and the rest, as they say, is history.

The official site further tells us:

“A concept, a dream, an invention can spark a person’s spirit so that it bypasses doubt and fear. Making the leap, big or small, is something we all do in our lives. We won’t know success if we let that opportunity pass or fade away.”

Source: Coodle

Now they’re selling the pillow via their site with a price tag of $65 and while some may say that’s an expensive amount to shell out for the pillow, the company argues that the benefits can make it pretty much worth it.

Source: Coodle

Besides, Coodle isn’t only for couples could also be used for watching television or using an electronic gadget while lying in bed. The company likewise recommends it for outdoor use such as campings and road trips.

So yes, it’s something people can use, regardless if they’re single or in a relationship. Go visit the Coodle website in case you’re interested!


Teenager Defies Anti-Vaxxer Mom By Getting Vaccinated When He Turned 18

“I’ve never been vaccinated for anything, God knows how I’m still alive.”

What's the worst thing that you have done behind your parents' back? One teenager went pretty far when his anti-vaxxer mother insisted that he didn't need vaccination. The young man decided to get vaccinated when he finally turned 18.

Ethan Lindenberger from Ohio was raised by parents who did not believe that vaccinations were necessary. According to the high school senior, his mom and dad "think vaccines are some kind of government scheme." However, Lindenberger has learned more about the benefits of vaccinations and wanted to make sure he got the shots. In an effort to get help, the teenager posted his concerns on Reddit. Not surprisingly, people gave him all the details he needed to schedule a vaccination.

Lindenberger reached out to netizens to find out where he can get vaccinated.

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McDonald’s Replaces Happy Meal Toys With Roald Dahl Books To Encourage Kids To Read

Would you get one of these awesome Happy Meals for your kids?

We have always associated the Happy Meal with a cute plastic toy that comes in a box along with burger and fries. However, McDonald's is changing our ideas about the fast-food chain's most popular menu item. The toys have now been replaced with classic children's books written by Roald Dahl.

In New Zealand, McDonald's has swapped out the usual toys for miniature copies of Dahl's books. The move is expected to promote reading among children instead of spending too much time on tablets and phones. In addition to that, it's a brilliant way to introduce the amazing stories of Matilda, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The Roald Dahl books were first offered in the UK before being introduced in McDonald's New Zealand.

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Mom Cancels Playdate Because The Other Kid Is Unvaccinated

“I don’t hang out with people who neglect their children by not vaccinating.”

Play dates are always exciting not only for the children but also for their parents. Besides, it's the perfect time to have fun and simply have fun in a relaxed setting.

One mother, however, had to make the decision to cancel a scheduled play date after learning that one of the children in the group has not been vaccinated. She eventually shared about the incident on Reddit and it has since prompted a lengthy discussion after gaining hundreds of comments from other users.
Will you let your son or daughter play with an unvaccinated kid?

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