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30 Comic Strips That Show Blatant Double Standard In Today’s Society

Whatever happened to humanity!

Mark Andrew





Comic strips, when done right, can be a powerful medium. Although we usually associate the art with humor and levity, comics can actually deliver profound messages that can make you stop and think.

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Case in point, the strips below allow all of us to see and realize the rampant hypocrisy of the modern world. As you will see below, these thought-provoking comics about society’s double standards are tinged with so much wit, sarcasm, and reality it actually hurts.

Go scroll down to see for yourself.

#1. Public display of breasts.

Source: LA Times
#2. Really impossible to please people sometimes.

Source: Tumblr
#3. But that’s obscene!

#4. Same things, different labels.

Source: Reddit
#5. Appropriate vs inappropriate.

#6. Fat chicks can’t cosplay.

Source: DeviantArt
#7. Who’s the fake fan now?

Source: Tumblr
#8. Life can be so unfair for mothers…

Source: Facebook
#9. What is it about metal underwear anyway?!

#10. Labels, labels, labels…

Source: Robot-Hugs
#11. Girls and math.

Source: XKCD
#12. I love food!

Source: Tumblr
#13. Non-threatening strategies for women.

#14. Makeup vs no makeup.

#15. Why is she shouting?

Source: Alternet
#16. Equal outrage.

Source: ShortPacked
#17. Love handles.

Source: fborfw
#18. The dilemma of growing up as an Indian girl.

#19. Acceptable vs not acceptable.

#20. This sums it up very well…

Source: DeviantArt
#21. Abortion vs being a single mother

Source: Imgur
#22. Date me!

Source: pixiv
#23. “You need to dress more appropriately.”

#24. The disgusting culture of victim blaming.

Source: pixiv
#25. Society’s sad expectations of what it means to be a man.

Source: pixiv
#26. Dinners and boys.

#27. Dad bod.

#28. Things you can only do with boys.

#29. Double standard indeed!

Source: Dilbert
#30. “Not a real man” vs “You go girl!”

Source: Tumblr

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Artist Reimagines Classic Disney Characters Living in the Modern World

This guy’s “Alt Disney” series is actually witty and thought-provoking.

Mark Andrew



We here at EliteReaders love featuring and following artists that create witty, thought-provoking masterpieces, regardless of their medium or choice of genre. Recently, we discovered the work of Tom Ward, a graphic artist from the United Kingdom and, being huge Disney fans, we truly got excited with his stuff!

In a series of illustrations he called “Alt Disney,” Ward shows us what it would be like for classic characters from Disney’s animated films to live in the here and now – our modern world.

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