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When this Guy Orders His Food at McDonald’s. The Whole Staff Stopped to Gawk At Him!





Rap or hip-hop is a music genre that emerged in South Bronx during the early ’70’s. Ingenious teenagers from the crime-ridden area talked in rhymes while following a beat. Since then, various artists- both men and women alike, have become popular due to this poetic, tongue-twisting music style.

I’m amazed by how fast, accurate, and smooth-sounding these gifted rappers convey their messages. But sometimes, it’s so fast that I get lost in the words. I must also admit that there are a lot of people out there who don’t particularly like the words that are being uttered by some rappers. Still, this type of music requires talent and skill that’s why many people find it challenging.

Model-prankster Coby Persin collaborated with talented, rapper buddy Hi-Rez in surprising the crew of McDonalds in New York. In this entertaining stunt, Hi-Rez walked up to the counter and gave his order to the unsuspecting crew- rap style! Coby wrote the entire rhyme in just three hours and have decided to shoot the prank that same day.

Watch how the man at the counter tried to compose himself as the rapper bombarded him with orders. “Did you get all that?,” asked Hi-rez after he ‘s done.

“He didn’t get not one thing!” another staff from golden arches said.

Watch this entertaining video:

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H/T: SFGlobe, HipHop Network, Coby Presin, Aplus

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