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Chinese Thief Attempts to Smuggle Diamond by Swallowing It

A Chinese woman swallowed a stolen diamond amounting to 10 million baht ($278,000).


In an attempt to escape Thailand undetected, a Chinese woman swallowed a stolen diamond amounting to 10 million baht ($278,000).

The 39-year-old woman named Jiang Xulian admitted to stealing the gemstone after it was spotted lodged in her gut on an X-ray scan at the Suvarnabhumi airport. Jiang and her 33-year-old male companion were arrested while trying to flee Thailand.

A 39-year-old swallowed a stolen diamond worth $278,000.


According to a report by CNN, a diamond was reported missing at the 56th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair. The couple allegedly switched the gemstone with a fake diamond after Jiang conducted a close inspection of the former.

The 6-carat diamond was switched for a fake version at the 56th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair.


To expel the diamond out of her body, Jiang was made to drink laxatives. However, when Jiang failed to pass the diamond three days later, doctors decided to surgically remove it from her body.

Using a colonoscope, doctors were able to successfully extract the gem on Sunday.

Doctors successfully removed the gemstone using a colonoscope.


“It’s a normal surgical procedure except this time there was a 10-million-baht diamond involved,” Police Lieutenant Colonel Anchulee Theerawongpaisal of the Police General Hospital revealed.

Jiang and her companion are being detained on theft and could face a three year prison sentence and a fine.

In the past, several diamond thieves have resorted to swallowing precious stones to evade arrest.

In fact, a man who swallowed 220 polished diamond was captured in South Africa in 2012 after the diamonds worth an estimated $2.3 million were detected by an airport security body scanner.

Source: CNN, ABS-CBN News


Troll Parents Recreate Daughter and Boyfriend’s Ridiculous Selfies

These kids just got served.


We don’t have any idea how ridiculous our selfies are until our parents recreate it.

College student Emily Musson had to learn this the “hard way” after her troll parents attempted to make their own renditions of her and her boyfriend Johnny Zoto’s selfies on Facebook. The hilarious photos unexpectedly broke the Internet, much to Emily’s annoyance.

“My parents r actually on drugs or something. I mean I guess it’s funny but not like 30k favs funny,” Emily tweeted.

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20 Ingenious Solutions By Broke College Students

#12 is totally genius!


Going DIY is the one of the best methods to save cash for the rainy days. Not only does it spare you from extra expenses, it also encourages you to be resourceful, creative, and to think out of the box.

But for some people, particularly broke college students, going DIY has become one of their survival tactics. Instead of spending money to purchase new materials, these super thrifty people made the most out of the available resources in their surroundings to fix some everyday problems.

#1. How To Use A Drinking Fountain In College


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Terror Suspect Brutally Beaten in Jail After Attempting to Convert Inmates to Islam

This is painful to watch.

We all had our share of those people persuading us to switch religions. Polite refusal is the best way to deal with them, but what if these recruiters cross the line? Things can get really ugly, just like what happened to a terror suspect when his converting tactics turned nasty - he got a savage jailhouse beating from his fellow inmates.

The brawl was captured on video, showing Carlos Larmond, who is in jail for terrorism charges, being beaten up by Terrence Wilson and Michael Clarke inside Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.

Wilson and Clarke cornering Larmond...


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