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Chili Peppers Help Reduce Cancer Risk, Experts Confirmed





Cancer is considered as one of the most common causes of death these days. Fortunately, experts have found out that eating chili peppers can reduce the risk of having this fatal disease.

An active ingredient called Capsaicin has been found to be an effective ingredient to fight cancer cells. Researchers from the Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany claimed that the said component can destroys the membranes of the cancer cells, causing its damage.

Experts suggest that eating chili peppers can help prevent cancer.

chili peppers

Study leader Dr. Lea Weber explained Capsaicin is an active ingredient present in chili peppers that can help kill and prevent cancer cells from multiplying. Eating chili peppers can aid in killing colon, osteosarcoma and pancreatic cancer cells without damaging the normal cells.

“Specifically, it triggers a cell receptor called TRPV1 which controls which substances the cancerous growth can feed on,” the DailyMail added. “As it fights to battle this, the growth eventually self-destructs. As more and more cancer cells die, the tumour is stopped from growing larger.”

However, it is important to note that simply eating chili peppers cannot totally kill cancer cells. Capsaicin should be put into tablets or mixed with other forms of drugs that are specially made to kill cancer cells.

Cancer Research UK emphasized that eating chili peppers is not enough to reduce cancer risk.

chili peppers

Scientists have already asserted that spicy foods have the enough ability to destroy cancer cells few years back. Dr. Timothy Bates from Nottingham University has advised cancer patients or those at risk of developing cancer to eat spicy foods to kill bad cells.

However, Cancer Research UK has emphasized that eating chilli peppers will not totally preclude them from having cancer. The research body suggested that living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is still the best way to avoid having the disease.

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