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Woman Gets A Tattoo Of Her ‘Chandelier Fiancee’ On Her Arm





Chandeliers are so beautiful, which is why some homeowners purchase them to add elegance to their places. However, Amanda Liberty from Leeds took her love for the branch ornamental light fixture to the next level and got engaged with one.

As if that’s not enough, the British woman wanted to show her love for the 91-year-old chandelier by getting a tattoo of it on her arm. Despite already being engaged to the century-old chandelier named Lumiere, Liberty has gone one step further to show how committed she is by going under the needle for one and a half hours.

The 34-year-old woman said that it was love at first sight when she first spotted Lumiere on eBay. The chandelier is 28 inches wide and was crafted in Germany.

She said:

“After buying the chandelier, I patiently waited for her to be imported into the UK and after six days of waiting, she was finally in my arms. She had been disassembled for her own safety, but once I put all her pieces together and she settled into her new home, our relationship just went from strength to strength.”

After the tattoo was completed, Liberty was very happy with the result, as well as her fiance.

She said:

“Lumiere also thought it was brilliant; she gave me the energy telling me it was great. She tells me when she doesn’t like things, but she really likes the tattoo.”

Ahead of the festive season, Liberty has dressed Lumiere in festive wear, wearing red bows.

Liberty identifies herself as objectum s exual, someone who is se xually attracted to objects. In fact, this is not the first time that she fell in love with a non-human. When she was 14, she was in love with a drum kit, then Statue of Liberty, where she got her last name Liberty.

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