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VIRAL: Is this Cat Going Up or Going Down the Stairs?

We are going crazy over this new optical illusion! What do you think?

Just when the world is starting to forget the dress, here comes another trick illusion set to daze the world. 9Gag posted what seems like a simple photo of a cat, but what’s interesting is that the readers cannot decipher whether it is going up or going down the stairs.

The cat is clearly going down the stairs, because you can see the ledges. Or they aren’t ledges, they’re actually caps on either side of the stairs, which means that the cat could be going either way. Some think the light indicates that the cat is going up the stairs, while others see the light as incontrovertible evidence that the cat is going down.

Take a look:

Photo credit: 9Gag

Thousands of Internet users have expressed their opinions on the said matter. Here’s what they have to say:

“Down because generally the wood would be flat on the horizontal portion of the stairs and the stone is on the back/vertical portion of the stairs.”

“It’s clearly up, you just have to imagine the camera in a different angle.”

“The cat is going up, the tail is used to balance the body of the cat and in this case the tail is elevated upwards so that when the cat uses its rear legs to push up it pushes parallel to the line on which gravity is working on the tail to stabilize itself.”

“Look at the cat’s tail — it’s facing upwards, or the opposite of the direction it’s moving in. If the cat were to go up the stairs, it’s tail would point downwards.”

The people rooting for ‘down’ said that the stairs are made up of mosaic material, and that the bright light at the top of the photo is clearly coming from downstairs.

On the other hand, those who stand by the ‘up’ argument explains that the pebbled texture of the stairs and a seemingly wooden stair lip could only be viewed from an upward perspective, and thus looks like the cat is descending towards the camera.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and let’s find out which direction will get the most votes!



Belgian Artist Gets Rich By Selling Tattooed Pig Skin up to $70,000.

OMG! Pigs are being tattooed with Disney characters and selling for over $70k.

Although the fury ones from the cattle family usually dominate the world of fashion, the Chinese can’t seem to get their eyes off of the renowned breeds of pigs. As bizarre as it may sound, anyone could be a millionaire with the tattooed pig skins up to $70,000 per hide!

Spearheaded in 1997, Belgian tattoo artist Wim Delvoye was then forced to move his business to China since its animal welfare laws are not that uptight compared to theirs.

Three creative artists choose from a variety of designs ranging from Disney characters to Louis Vuitton logos and other random patterns that are popular among Russian prison inmates. The magic happens as the pigs are put under anaesthesia then later on massaged and moisturized by their special caregivers. Their skins are then closely monitored until their skin is ready for the market. Just recently Chanel was able to purchase one canvas wearing the Disney characters. ...

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This little girl named Annabelle Ridgeway, 4 years old, gave her parents quite a scare when she left their home in Philadelphia at around 3:00 a.m. and took the bus alone to get herself a Slushie. This innocent kid didn't even bother waking up her parents and headed straight out in her purple raincoat. She is just a kid after all, an adorable one at that as well.

Fortunately, the bus driver who is a father of 3 kids including some kind passengers saw Annabelle and thought that her parents might be worried so they made sure that she returns home safe. Soon enough, Annabelle and her parents were reunited at a local hospital. Her mother even promised her a Slushie even after sneaking out. They also plan to reconfigure their locks at home to make sure that this doesn't happen again....

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