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Brave Man Saves Dog From Being Crushed By A Massive Python





It’s definitely not a sight any pet owner wants to see. If you love your dog, you will certainly freak out when you discover he’s about to get eaten by a massive python. But not this Indian man who remained calm as he tried to save his beloved pet from the deadly grip of the huge serpent.

The man from Karnataka, India discovered his dog being slowly encircled by the gigantic python. In order to save him, the man grabbed a leafy tree branch and started hitting the snake. At first it seemed like the swatting does little to even annoy the python, but the man did not give up and soon the snake began to uncoil itself.


The dog quickly scrambled to get away as the snake slithered off into the woods. The dog barked as if to say, “That’ll teach you to mess with me when my dad’s around!”

The man probably understood that snakes have to eat too, but the hungry python just picked the wrong meal. He was able to save his pet dog without harming either animal. Local media in Karnataka, India reported that the dog was fine after the terrible ordeal and suffered no lasting effects after the attack.

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