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Kids Will Nail This in One Look, But Adults Can’t Figure Out Which Way The Bus Moves

This brain game is leaving adults scratching their heads! Can you answer this?


Much as we hate to admit it, but sometimes kids are way way better than us adults in some brain games. Is it because we’re getting rusty with our problem-solving skills, or are kids nowadays just have higher IQs?

Well let’s put those thinking gears to the test by trying out this brain game! This has been featured in National Geographics’ show Brain Games. And they claim that 80% of kids below the age of 10 can answer this in just one look. It involves a yellow school bus, and the question is very simple…

Which is the front end of the bus? Which direction will it move forward?

Just by looking at the bus, can you tell which is the front end and the direction it will move?

To the left? Or to the right?

Left or Right? Which way is it travelling?

Does it seem impossible to solve this? Maybe we need clues, can the direction of the bird or the plane help us?

It's a bird flying towards the right…

It's a bird flying towards the right...

And it's a plane… moving towards the left.

And it's a plane... moving towards the left.

And the answer is… ugh still stumped with no logical explanation whatsoever? Do you want to check out if your guesses and rationale is even close to the correct answer?

Watch the kids below nail it in one look…

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That’s a pretty simple trick but most adults won’t get it because we will overanalyze and overthink things. In my case I even thought that either direction is fine, what if the bus moves on reverse? Also, we may be forgetting details such as the layout of the doors of a school bus because we don’t usually ride it, compared to the kids who are very familiar with it. So if that’s any consolation, yeah that means we’re not that dumb after all! 😛

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Guy Slapped By His Girlfriend On Kiss-Cam Got Rescued By Hot Babe Next to Him

Serves her right for humiliating her man!

Okay, not all of us are fans of the kiss cam. Personally, I would be too embarrassed to actually kiss in front of hundreds of people and have the image blown up live on a big-ass screen. No sir! But even if you are too shy for the kiss cam, it doesn't mean you have the right to embarrass your partner when he/she tries to get a public smooch, right? Well, this lady totally went bonkers when her man did just that and humiliated him big time in front of the crowd.

She's totally not digging the PDA...

She's totally not digging the PDA...

She slapped him and dumped a drink on his head!

She slapped him and threw a drink on his head!

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Sheriff’s Deputy Celebrates Retirement in Unforgettable Viral Video

After 29 years as a no-nonsense law enforcer, a man lets loose on his last day at work.

On January 29, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office in Colorado uploaded a highly unusual video on their official Facebook page.

The clip doesn't feature a criminal case or a police car chase. In other words, it's not about anything controversial. Instead, it shows off the "hidden skills" of Deputy Tony Scherb, who had worked at the Sheriff's Office for 29 years.

As it turned out, the video captured what was, perhaps, one of the coolest parts of Scherb's last day at work.

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This Weird Game Show in Japan Shows How To Wake Up A Hot Girl

It’s just…weird.

We all know that the Japanese produce a lot of weird shows, you know, the type that won't even get the green light in other countries because of out-of-this-world plots and gimmicks. Such as the woman inside a box getting pushed by a grizzly bear or the gross cockroach blowing contest.

This show is surely one of the weirdest I've ever seen. It involves a pair of guy judges that we're gonna call "Mama" and "Brother" (because they are dressed and sorta addressed as such) waking up pretty girls sleeping on the floor. Well, it's obvious that the girls are just pretending to be asleep.

They go around a room of "sleeping girls"


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