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Your Bra’s Underwire is Poking Out? Don’t Throw it Out! Here are Some Easy Hacks to Fix it





Ladies, you know that glorious feeling you get when you take off your bra after a long day? So heavenly! But how about that nagging and painful poke in your ribs courtesy of your exposed underwire? *gasp!*

We’re pretty sure most ladies can relate with the discomfort of having underwire sticking you in the ribs with every movement you make. To retaliate, we toss out the said offending bra with no second thoughts.

But you’ve got to hold it right there! There’s no need to dispose of an otherwise good bra just because of a pesky underwire emergency. Worry not, because these simple hacks will save you the pain (literally and figuratively).

Watch the video below and be amazed:

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Now, you know the secret to fixing that wayward underwire with something just as simple as medical gauze tape or a tacking stitch. Share this post with your gal pals and they’ll thank you for this!

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