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Five Amazing Ways Your Body Reacts To A First Kiss





There’s no way of knowing what it feels like to kiss someone for the first time. It’s a gamble – the kiss could be awesome while some would swear it is far from being enjoyable. But besides knowing what it feels like after the kiss, your body reacts in different ways that you may not realize.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first kiss ever or the 20th first kiss you have with someone — there is always that particular sensation when you kiss that person for the first time even at a different age.

Here are five things that happen to your body when you touch lips with someone, in general, but are more pronounced if it’s done on the very first time.

#1. Relieves stress

Source: Pixabay

Kissing could be your next method of de-stressing. A study cited on NBC found that college students who had 15-minute make-out sessions had levels of cortisol – stress hormone – dramatically reduced.

Male participants experienced an increased level of oxytocin, giving them that awesome feeling. Women, on the other hand, had a decrease in the levels of the hormone.

#2. Your saliva helps choose your partner

Source: Pixabay

Weird as it sounds but according to a study, it is what it is. Sloppy kisses help you assess if a person is a potential mate, an Oxford University research suggests. A saliva’s chemical makeup helps one subconsciously decide if the other person would produce a wonderful offspring.

#3. Feel a rush of adrenaline

You can’t deny it – kissing gives you that “high” feeling. Our bodies go into overdrive when we touch lips with someone we’re attracted to. The heart rate increases and blood flow is affected in a positive way. This leads to a great feeling that will start your day right.

#4. Production of feel-good chemical

Source: Pixabay

Kissing not only brings adrenaline and oxytocin but also another feel-good chemical, which is dopamine. The brain is flooded by this chemical, which then makes you enjoy the kissing session a lot.

#5. Fights cholesterol

Source: Pixabay

Kissing not only increases satisfaction in a relationship but it can also help decrease serum cholesterol, thereby improving your overall health.

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