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This Veteran is Giving His Home and Wealth To Strangers. The Reason Will Leave You in TEARS!





Bob Karlstrand has been living in his Maple Grove, Minnesota home for 38 years where he basically kept and collected everything. He said he doesn’t throw anything away, a trait he must have acquired from his late mother. He still has the letters addressed to her which he sent while he was still overseas, in Vietnam during his service to the Military. Bob also kept his 535 golf score cards from every golf course he tried to play in the state and piles of family photos he promised to keep.

The amazing fact about this man with an odd, long grey beard is his pure heart. After 38 years, Bob decided to give everything he owns to strangers, “In the end, they’re only material things,” he said. Diagnosed with cancer and a terminal lung disease, he understands that his time is limited but he has nothing to complain because he had a good life. Now he chooses to give back the kindness to those who need it. The 65-year old veteran is an only child with no relatives, he never married nor had children so he doesn’t have anyone to bequeath his possessions with.

“I had people come in,” he tells USA Today, “and just take what they wanted.”

Bob’s generosity and kindness doesn’t end there though. He is also giving his house away, a promise he made to the Habitat for Humanity once he dies. The only condition Bob has is that the new owner of his house should also be a military service veteran like him. If you think that’s it, you’re wrong because aside from the house, Bob is also giving his $1 million retirement fund to the University of Minnesota Nursing program.

“If I can help a little bit, that would be good,” he says.

Watch the heartbreaking yet inspiring video:

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He has been very fortunate to know a lot of nurses. They took good care of him, now he’s doing the same through this great act of generosity. What a selfless, kindhearted man he is! He may not have so much time left here on earth but it is certain that his legacy and acts of generosity will forever be remembered.

Bob’s donation to the University provided six scholars this year and more to come.

“The fact that I know they’re going to be helped is enough for me.”–Bob

What a great guy. Share this story to inspire more people to do the same and be selfless.

Credits: USA TODAY

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