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Love Is NEVER Blind and This Man Will Do Whatever It Takes To Keep His Wife!





A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband – Michel de Montaigne. Although this may be taken literally, the thin line between the meaning and the words is the most powerful message. Anybody can love anybody. But not everybody can fully COMMIT themselves to a relationship.

This awfully beautiful short film made by Jubilee Project in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan reaffirms that sacrifice, respect, and time are the key elements to maintain the flame of a lasting marriage. Not only did Louie, the husband, lived the saying “Happy Life, Happy Wife”, but also did he remained silent and selfless to allow Cecilia, his wife, continue loving him in the simplest way she possibly knew. As for Cecilia, despite the proximity of losing her eyesight completely, she adapted to reality and continued to strive on being a devoted wife. She used her condition in strengthening her passion of building a stronger bond with Louie.

Make sure your tissues are ready.

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Life is full of complexity. Sudden changes can either break or make us, but it is our own choice to be a better version of ourselves. This couple embraced the sudden changes into their lives but managed to keep their commitment to their vows – to be their better half for better or for worse, for sickness and health. Now that my friend, is truly a happily ever after.

H/T: Jubilee Project, WeReblog

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