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This Revolutionary 3D Printer Is Capable of Printing Human Organs

BioBot 1 is an awesome technology that allows you to print replacement organs.

Mark Andrew





With the advent of 3D printing, brilliant people are coming up with interesting ways to utilize this type of technology.

Recently, a company called BioBots piqued a lot of serious interest. According to them, their 3D printers are not merely for printing cute colorful items but they intend to use it for the good of mankind – by making it possible to print human organs.

Their revolutionary 3D printer called the BioBot 1 is now available for the public. And among its unique capabilities is to create objects using living cells.

The BioBot 1 allows you to print your own organ.


Photo credit: TechCrunch

Giving it a closer look, keen observers will discern that the BioBot 1 bears resemblance with the MakerBot and PrintBot devices. However, this does not dispense metal or plastic because it uses “bio-inks” which are made of collagen or other living cells.

According to BioBots CEO Danny Cabrera:

“The Holy Grail is to develop fully functioning replacement organs out of a patient’s own cells, eliminating the organ waiting list.”

As of present time, U.S. reports claim that an average waiting time for a liver transplant is around 149 days for adults and 86 days for children.

On top of that, the BioBot 1 is also capable of printing test medicines.

biobots-3d-printer 1

Photo credit: 3Ders

How much does this cost? Well, the BioBot 1 is publicly available for $10,000 – not a very expensive product considering its unique capabilities and amazing benefits.

Here’s a TechCrunch video about BioBot 1:

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We hope this technology further gets developed. This can potentially revolutionize the medical industry as we know it.


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Hong Kong Teens Invent Self-Sanitizing Door Handle, Perfect For Public Toilets

Stop the spread of germs with this self-sanitizing toilet door handle!

Mark Andrew



Whether you are aware about it or not, it is true that very few things can be dirtier than a public toilet door handle.

According to GoodEarthProducts, "Microorganisms can thrive in door knobs of public toilets due to unhygienic practices. Who knows what bodily wastes and fluids door knobs contain? There’s also the risk of contracting diseases like H1N1, Hepatitis A, Influenza, and Meningitis."

Fortunately, two teens from Hong Kong came up with a viable solution for the problem. Sun Ming Wong, 17 years old, and King Pong Li, 18 years old, created an innovative door handle that utilizes kinetic energy to sanitize itself.

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Flu Develops in the Roof of Your Mouth, Scientists Claim

A recent study revealed that the flu develops in the roof of the mouth and spreads through coughs and sneezes.

Mini Malabanan



A study published in the journal Nature revealed that flu develops in the roof of the mouth and spreads through coughs and sneezes.

Based on their findings, the soft palate, which separates the back of the mouth and the nasal cavity, plays a crucial in the influenza virus’ ability to travel from one person to another.

Scientists discovered that the inflammation associated with infection in the soft palate causes coughing and sneezing. These actions actually propel the virus out of the mouth enabling it to spread easily.

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Study Reveals, Men Can Spot a Cheating Woman Just By Looking at Her Face

We’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover…

Mini Malabanan



We’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover, but a recent study suggests that men can sense if a woman is faithful just by examining her photograph.

An experiment conducted by researchers from the University of Western Australia revealed that men have the surprising ability to determine whether a woman is a heartbreaker or not.

A group of men were asked to briefly examine photos of 34 women. The ladies’s photos were shown in pairs- one had stayed faithful to her partner, while the other had duped her partner at least twice in the past. No additional information about the ladies were given.

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