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Badass Texas Marine Sergeant Spent His Vacation Time Shooting ISIS Terrorists.

You will never guess why he did it… on his own!


Sergeant Patrick Maxwell of the marine corps departed from the service a couple of years ago. He was given an honorable discharge when he left. However, he left the country and flew to the Middle East early this year to face the ISIS alone.

According to the Texas Standard, “Back in the U.S., the debate continues about how best to deal with the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” “But for some veterans the time for talk is over. Unknown numbers of American war vets have taken up with foreign fighters battling ISIS,” the report concluded.

When asked why he wanted to face ISIS alone, Sergeant Patrick Maxwell said:

“I’m very libertarian in my beliefs and I don’t think we need to be committing U.S. boots to the ground to do another long war like that. But myself as a private citizen — if I want to go take a vacation and shoot some terrorists in the process, that should be my own business.”

Marine corps opts to fight ISIS alone.


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This type of action is neither new nor uncommon, especially for military veterans like Maxwell. Former Rep. Ron Paul has suggested a similar intervention to help deal with terrorist without causing a full-blown world war. The idea is guided by the primary philosophy called “letters of marque and reprisal,” which enables the government to award prize money to individuals who can capture or kill high profile criminals, such as the ISIS members.

Watch the video:

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The “letters” were first practiced by pirates to prevent “war on piracy”. Paul saw the potential of this scheme to successfully fight terrorists, and enable individuals to earn a huge amount of money.



Ever Heard of This Weird-Looking Fish with Human-like Teeth, Known as Testicle Biters?

This is probably the closest fish next to human genetics.

Mom did not warn us to stay close to the shore unless we are up to finding whatever lies in the deep. Explorers have recently made a discovery of new specie that might be the closest to the human kind. Meet Pacu, probably a close relative of a Sheephead!

These creepy looking fish is found lurking from South America, to Brazil and Florida. Nonetheless, they can also be found in the freshwater Amazon Rivers and Streams.

Although the Pacus have a close resemblance with the Piranhas, their jaw alignment actually differs. Piranhas come with pointed and sharper teeth while the Pacus have squarer, straighter teeth, like a human, causing either a less severe underbite or a slight overbite. A full-grown pacu are also much larger than piranha, reaching up to 0.9 m (3 feet) and 25 kg (55 pounds) in the wild.

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These 100-Year Old BFFs Speak Their Minds About Selfies, Twerking, and Justin Bieber…Hilarious!

These ladies are HILARIOUS!

Listen, if you get to be a century old, you tend to look at life in a different way. You just can’t understand what the heck young people are up to nowadays. Because of the huge generation gap, they tend to develop a crazy sense of humor that cracks people up.

Exhibit A is these two fine ladies, Irene and Alice. They are both 100 years old and they’ve been best friends for 94 YEARS. I mean, wow!  They were interviewed on the Steve Harvey Show, where they dished about what they think of selfies, twerking, iPhone, North West, and Justin Bieber.

Needless to say, they were absolutely hilarious!

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Hotel Guest Asks for Room Service. When He Opened the Door, a ROBOT was There to Do the Job!

How would you like a robot to serve all your needs while checked in at a hotel?

How would you like a robot to serve all your needs while checked in at a hotel? If you say, that is impossible, well we have proof that it isn't! This innovation is possible, and is now available at the Aloft Silicon Valley Hotel in Newark, California.

The video below is a perfect example of the one-of-a-kind hotel service. We assume that the guest requested for towels and toothpaste. Through the screen display panel found at the 'head' of the robot, the robot communicates with the guest efficiently. It instructs the guests to get the requested items, as a compartment opens at the back part of the robot. It even asks for feedback by asking the guest to rate how it did. The guest can choose between 1-5 stars by tapping on the touch screen display panel. It is just genius!

Watch the video:

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