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Adorable Bookworm Cries Every Time a Book Ends





Dubbed as the saddest bookworm, this adorable 10-month old baby sobs like there’s no tomorrow every time his parents finish reading him a book.

It seems that little tyke Emmett doesn’t like the ending of every children’s book because he always ends up in tears whenever his parents say “The end”. His parents, Dan and Alicia Stevers from Michigan, were able to capture the adorable moments of their young literature enthusiast turning on the waterworks every time they reach the book’s final page.

Emmett has a mini-meltdown every time we finish a book,” Dan wrote on Twitter.

With millions of views on YouTube, Emmett’s unexpected reaction is definitely one for the books.

Perhaps, his parents need to grab a copy of the novel “The Neverending Story”.


Watch the adorable moment below.

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