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Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprises Struggling Fan By Giving Him An Epic Life Advice





When you’re struggling with being motivated in getting fit, who do you reach out for a piece of advice? Your trainer? Your fittest friend? The guy beside you in the gym? Well, one man took it up a notch and decided to reach out to none other than Mr. Universe himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Most people may know Arnold as the Terminator actor-turned-politician, but he actually started his career as a bodybuilder. His incredibly huge build is quite an obvious giveaway.

One of the best things about the internet is the ability to reach out and speak directly to your heroes — and sometimes have them respond.

Source: Reddit

The Austrian-American actor, filmmaker, businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, politician, and former professional bodybuilder and powerlifter recently proved that he’s amazing in giving advice.

When Arnold posted a motivational and humorous video on Reddit’s bodybuilding forum, one depressed man felt that it was the chance that he needed to finally get motivated and make a positive change in his life, so he posted a question.

“I know this is pandering but, I’ve been depressed for months and haven’t hit the gym during that time. Mr. Schwarzenegger, can you please tell me to get off my lazy ass and hit the gym? I swear to everything I hold dear that I will snap out of it and go.”

One might expect the seven-time Mr. Olympia to tell him to be a man and “suck it up,” but Arnold’s response was extremely supportive and realistic.

Source: Reddit

Arnold replied:

“I’m not going to be that hard on you. Please don’t be that hard on yourself. We all go through challenges, we all go through failure. Sometimes life is a workout. But the key thing is you get up. Just move a little. Roll out of bed and do some pushups or go for a walk. Just do something. One step at a time, I hope you feel better and get back to the gym. But don’t beat yourself up, because that’s just useless talk. It doesn’t get you closer to the gym. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Good luck.”

The fact that Arnold took the time to give such a thoughtful response gave the man the motivation he needed to get back into the gym.

Arnold’s compassion completely changed the stranger’s life.

Source: Reddit

The Reddit user named Ali said that he quickly jumped out of bed after getting Arnold’s response. He then thanked the star for taking the time to reply. He shared that he had tears of joy in his eyes to have someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger encourage him.

Their exchange didn’t stop there. Arnold replied to him again, saying that he was proud of him and asked how his workout was. Ali thanked the actor for checking up on him and shared that his workout was hard but went “extremely well.” The Reddit user then noted that Arnold’s motivational message changed his life for the better.

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