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Anti-Vaxxer Gets Burned For Wearing “Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated” Shirt

Netizens didn’t hold back and roasted her hard!

  • The official Christian Nightmares account on Twitter recently posted a picture of a woman wearing a “Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated” shirt.
  • Not surprisingly, she was immediately roasted by netizens.
  • The World Health Organization has previously identified anti-vaxxers as among the world’s major health threats.

The World Health Organization has already labeled anti-vaxxers as among the top health threats in the world. The said list categorizes them along with other major problems such as air pollution, climate change, diabetes, HIV, and more.

So frankly, it’s just surprising why some people still have the guts to come out in the open and profess their hatred for vaccine. Case in point, one woman recently went viral on social media for wearing a shirt that said “Spoiler Alert… Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated.” As anyone can expect, the ridiculous statement sparked outrage among netizens and a huge number took time to leave comments.

Posted on Twitter by Christian Nightmares, the photo quickly gained lots of comments and many of them were quite hilarious.

Browsing through the comments on the original tweet, it’s easy to see that most of the netizens absolutely didn’t hold back.

The anti-vaxxer was savagely bashed by Twitter users.

For example, Andy Richter simply countered:

“Neither was Satan.”

Brunette Bohemian wrote:

“I genuinely don’t understand the message this is trying to portray”

Meanwhile, That Conservative F*ck replied this way:

“Spoiler alert: Jesus was born to a virgin, turned water into wine, walked on water, and came back from the dead.

“New rule: if you can do those things, you don’t need to be vaccinated.”

Anti-vaxxers are a serious health threat in the world today.

According to WHO, vaccine hesitancy “threatens to reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases” and so people professing to be anti-vaccination can really be a big problem in the modern society.

Watch the report here to learn more:

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