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They Were Poking a Sea Shell. Seconds Later? A Tiny Octopus Got Furious!





We are used to seeing dogs and cats get upset, but it is not everyday that we see an angry octopus. Octopuses are invertebrate sea animals that seem harmless, especially when it is still tiny. But in this video, an octopus was set in a rage as two beach bums knocked it off a sea shell.

But who could blame the octopus? It was resting quietly, when it was suddenly forced out of the shell. At first, the humans were just poking and shaking the shell — curious of what is inside. When they finally let the octopus out, it started going out of control and acted in a wild manner.

Watch the video here:

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We don’t know what exactly happened after, but from the looks of it, the humans threw the octopus to the camera man and the video recording was put to a stop.

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