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Americans React to the Philippines’ Phenomenal Love Team AlDub

“Two, young, good-looking people with interesting presonalities. I think they’ll hit it off.”

Grace Alviar Viray





AlDub, a popular phenomenal love team from the Philippines, has been taking over their country and is now one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter worldwide. Composed of Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza, the couple have actually taken over the social media that they have created a buzz. Ask any Filipino and they can tell a thing or two about them. Their love story is a one of kind, and spontaneous which has made a lot of their Filipino fans crazy about them.

Now, the question is, how will Americans react if they actually get to know this couple?

Buzzfeed showed the video that started the hashtag #AlDUb to a group of Americans and they had different reactions about the pair. Did they like AlDub?

Watch this video:

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Say goodbye to your “Desperate Housewives”, “The Parks and Recreation”, throw that sh** out. Eat Bulaga is coming to the states.

What do you think of Aldub? Do you agree with their reactions? Leave a comment below.


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Clear Footage of Strange Butterfly-Shaped UFO Chased by Military Aircraft

Alien or CGI? You decide.




A stunning footage of a bizarre butterfly-shaped alien ship was captured by a father and his son near the border of Ohio and Kentucky on Saturday, October 24, at around 7 PM local time.

The footage and the images of the supposedly alien aircraft have sent alien enthusiasts into a frenzy.

Secureteam10, a Youtube channel run by UFO Hunters, uploaded the video on Youtube on October 26. Since then, the footage has attracted so much attention. According to some netizens, the said clip is the best shot of a UFO ever posted online.

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What This 98-Year-Old Lady Does When She’s Alone Will Break Your Heart

Mary Tony, a senior citizen who lives alone, stays sane with her “junk mail routine.”

Faye Williams



Growing old can be scary. Your body deteriorates. Your limbs lose their muscle tone. Your reflexes get slower. Your memory slowly fades. It's inevitable. It's the way life works. Nobody lives forever.

But it turns out that the most frightening thing that could happen to you when you grow old is when you're left alone. In the U.S., there are senior citizens who live in retirement homes. Others, though, end up living alone.

Mary Tony, a senior citizen who lives alone, stays sane with her "junk mail routine."


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More Passengers Arrested at NAIA for Allegedly Carrying Bullets in Bag

An elderly woman, a domestic helper, and a Japanese tourist—all were arrested for the allegedly possessing bullets.

Ann Moises



A 68-year old woman was arrested for allegedly carrying a bullet in her handbag while inside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, Philippines.

This incident happened shortly after an anonymous source exposed the devious victim-selection strategy of the "laglag-bala" syndicate, which is a group of unscrupulous airport employees whose modus is to plant bullets inside passengers' bags.


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