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She Told Her Dog ‘I LOVE YOU’. His Response? I Can’t Believe This is REAL!

Listen carefully… I can’t believe he REALLY just say what I think he said!?

Dogs bark, they don’t talk. But there are cute ways to make them speak some human languages. In this video you would see how you will be able to understand what dogs are apparently trying to say using a doggy translator. A doggy translator is an awesome gadget that comes as a hand-held operating device with a microphone. It is tied on the neck of the dog to record its bark and translating it into human words making it appear that the dog is actually talking to you.

The device works by detecting the dog’s emotions including frustrations, happiness and sadness. It was first introduced by Japanese inventors who claimed that the device can detect emotions from its barks. When the dog barks, the gadget’s microphone picks up the sound, transmits the data to the device and translates the bark into a language that the dog may seem to tell.

Although human capabilities are ways away from this technologically advanced device, the gadget can help owners get their pet dogs speak simple human languages. With a fully functional doggy translator, it can pick up languages fairly in a matter of seconds.

Watch the Unbelievable Video:

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This French Bulldog took his parents by surprise as the doggy translator picks up woofs that the bulldog barked. You can hear the cute little pup expressed his love through the doggy translator while the proud parents are very delighted to hear the pup’s reply. Mommy just can’t contain her happiness when she heard her puppy said I love you. The pup was even happier to the reactions of his parents because it keeps on repeating the same words as it whimpers.

This amazing device is not an actual talking device but promoted mainly as a gadget for entertainment purposes only. According to San Francisco Chronicle, some of the translations of the device do not make sense because it causes a lot of cute-but-confused whimpers and head cocks.


He’s a Talented Artist. What He Does For the People In His Community Has Me In TEARS!

He makes a difference in the lives of others. One painting at a time.. one mural at a time.. Wow!

What started out as a one-time project airbrushing a mural at the Children’s Hospital, has now grown into a full blown YouTube series! Vancouver artist Travis Vagner didn’t know how people would react when he posted a time lapse video of his donated work on YouTube taking viewers through 180 plus hours of airbrushing in just under 3 minutes. The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive and one thing was for certain – they wanted more.

Travis Vagner is a talented local artist in Vancouver who creates murals and canvas works including some for several charities. Some murals that Travis created was a large Jungle Book mural at the Children’s Hospital, another one at an elementary school which is a tribute to a beloved teacher who passed away, and a portrait of a teenager with her father who was killed in 2009 in a case of a mistaken identity. Through his donations of art, he works with people in his community to help better their lives, and inspire onlookers.

Watch the Heartwarming Video:


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He Kept Harassing Women Down The Streets. Until a Shocking Thing Happened… MOM?!

Hilarious twist! That should teach him a lesson.

Sad to say, street harassment is still quite common these days. Especially in urban settings. Women who are the usual victims of this kind of harassment find it oppressive, threatening, a constant reminder that they are vulnerable to any kind of abuse.

That's why Everlast created a very revealing video that shows how some men disrespect women in the street. It could happen to anyone. A particular woman might just be casually walking, but before she knew it, some rude men would start harassing her. It could happen anytime, anywhere. That's the whole point of this video. But watch out for the hilarious twist!

Watch the Funny Video:


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CCTV Cam Caught This Elephant Doing Something Amazing That Leaves Everyone SPEECHLESS!

What this elephant does will blow your mind, if they can do it why cant we.

Lots of people have said that elephants are the most emotional and most intelligent animals in the whole world. They are widely renowned as friendly giants because they usually “hug” by wrapping their trunks together to show their greetings and affections.

Aside from having an extraordinary memory, they are also one of the most caring creatures in the entire planet. Ever since we're young, we've been taught to properly dispose our garbage in order to take care of our environment. But admit it, we don’t always do that. We usually tend to take mother nature for granted. Elephants on the other hand, seem to be better at this compared to humans. Take a peek at this hidden CCTV camera to see what I mean.

Watch the amazing CCTV footage:

I'm so impressed at this smart elephant, he really showed how he truly care for the environment. Something that most humans failed to show. In this video, obviously somebody didn't properly disposed their trash, but thanks to this concern elephant. He don't have human hands that can easily pick up trash but that didn't posed a problem. I definitely love the way he has to use his front leg to push the garbage so his trunk could pick it up....

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