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This Amazing Bloodhound Accidentally Joined The Marathon And Almost Won





How often do you hear about a dog joining a half-marathon, let alone placing 7th in the competition? It is definitely not your regular pet story but it is something worth telling.

During the Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon in Elkmont, Alabama, April Hamlin had let her dog out to relieve itself. What she did not realize is that her 2-year-old bloodhound had gotten in the way of the marathon participants and decided to join the fun.

It did not take long for the people to notice the dog, whose name is Ludivine, in the frontline of the competition.

dog marathon 5

Hamlin was at home during the marathon, which happened just 500 meters from her house. She did not know where her dog was until she started receiving messages and photos from friends and co-workers that showed Ludivine running along with other racers.

dog marathon 3

The wonderful canine finished the whole 13.1-long marathon, and as if joining is not amazing enough, Ludivine placed 7th in the competition, to the amusement of the crowd. The dog really knows how to create a good story.

dog marathon 6

According to Hamlin, Ludivine is actually pretty lazy when she is at home. She always lies around and does not really want to be bothered. However, she does take advantage of the chance to enjoy playing around when she gets to leave the farm.

Although she was not an official participant of the race, the marathon volunteers placed a medal across her neck for securing a place in the podium. She certainly earned her spot in the race and in the heart of the people who witnessed the amazing event.

dog marathon 2

Hamlin is so proud of her marvelous pet and said that Ludivine was so exhausted when she got home during that day.

dog marathon 4

Source: April Hamlin

“She was so tired after the race, she laid down the rest of the day,” the owner told Inside Edition. “She is a great dog and is wonderful with kids. My daughter dresses her up all the time and takes pictures of her that are hilarious.”

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