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Teen’s Single Tweet Unexpectedly Helps Disabled Dad Launch a Profitable Business

Now she has to work as her father’s sales manager!

Anyone who would tell you that Twitter is a total use of time may have never heard this story yet. This one is about how a teen unexpectedly helped her poor father establish a business – after a single post that went viral on the said micro-blogging site.

Alexis Gonzales, who is 17 years old, tweeted about her father’s struggles and netizens everywhere just jumped on the opportunity to help and support.

Life has been very difficult for Christopher Gonzales, 39, after he got injured at work.

Source: Twitter

Christopher, a single father of two, had an injury at the construction site which led to him having spinal cord nerve damage. The problem has made it difficult for him to move around and his only income was the monthly disability check.

Fortunately, things took an interesting turn after Alexis’ tweet.

After the injury, Christopher tried exploring new hobbies.

Source: Twitter

He learned to love woodworking and began making logos for different sports teams.

It was at that point when Alexis turned to social media to share photos of her father’s work, hoping that someone might at least be interested into buying one of her father’s crafts.

Alexis wrote:

“So my dad is disabled and is trying to make a little extra money because he makes so little. He makes wood carvings [in] his free time, and he can make them any size, for anything (not just team logos). Even if you don’t like them a RT will help spread the word.”

Here are some of Christopher’s carvings:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Alexis woke up the next morning finding her single tweet has gone viral. Much to her surprise, the post has received hundreds of thousands of retweets – with her inbox filled with 7,000 direct messages.

The teen had to take the role as sales manager for her father’s new business.

Source: Twitter

Now Christopher’s “hobby” has been a huge source of earning for the family. Several of his friends are also lending a hand to help handle the numerous requests they’ve been getting online.

With numerous websites picking up the inspiring story, we feel Christopher and Alexis will just get busier in the upcoming days.


Woman Saves Unborn Monkey’s Life by Performing C-Section On Its Dead Mother

The heroic feat happened near a temple in Wat Khao No, Thailand.

Padtama Kedkuerviriyanon, 36, a female vendor of monkey food to tourists in Thailand, is being hailed a hero after miraculously saving an unborn monkey's life. On one of her work days, she witnessed a pregnant monkey get hit by a car near a temple in Wat Khao No, Thailand, and she wasted no time to save the life of the little creature inside it.

Padtama has no medical or veterinary training, but she decided to get a blade and perform a caesarean-section operation on the dead adult monkey. She recalled her own experience when she gave birth while she tried to rescue the unborn monkey. A relative of hers filmed the astonishing feat she performed.

Padtama carefully sliced the abdomen of the dead monkey to save the tiny baby inside it.

She told the Bangkok Post: ...

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Despite Cold Treatment, Mother Travels Two Hours Everyday To Bring Daughter Food

A mother’s love truly knows no bounds.

A mother's love is the greatest thing in the world. No matter what, she will make a way to take care of her children, even if they're all grown-up already.

When we need help, she's the one who will face the odds just to come to our aid. A 70-year-old mother in Singapore has proven that a mother's unconditional love can't be replaced.

She travels two hours each day to visit and bring food to her widowed daughter, only to get cold treatment.

Her daughter would not open the door and sometimes, the poor lady is seen by neighbors knocking for hours, pleading to come inside. It was reported that her daughter never left her flat since her husband died. Concerned about her daughter, she travels every day just to make sure her daughter have something to eat. ...

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If you have ever seen Patrick Hinga several years ago, you definitely wouldn’t recognize him now. He was once a homeless man in the town of Wangige, Kenya. He survived by begging for money and eating decayed food. He was also addicted to drugs.

Fortunately, he was rescued by a former classmate who saw him on the streets. Now everyone is just amazed at his inspiring transformation story!

Patrick Hinga was once a homeless drug addict until Wanja Mwaura recognized him.

Perhaps not surprisingly, his before and after photos went viral on social media as many people have felt touched by his story. In fact, it didn’t take long for local and international media to take notice. ...

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