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Fearless Man Climbs a Mountain Without Any Rope and Safety Equipment. UNBELIEVABLE!





That one time I remember my first ever rock climbing experience was for our tour package requirement in college which wasn’t easy at all. The experience was by far the most extreme thing I have done–enduring a two-hour hike before reaching the destination, a few cuts and bruises, the danger of falling off the cliffs and whatnot. What made it worthy though were the beautiful rock formations in the cave, the breathtaking view and the certificate that came with it.

Speaking of which, this man deserves all the credit for having such an amazing, crazy and to top it all, a dangerous talent and hobby. Also featured on the show The National Geographic Channel, our guy here is no other than Alex Honnold, a rock climber who is best known for his free soloing on big walls. He  probably got one of the extreme talents ever–being able to climb mountains without any safety harness. Yes, it may seem unreal but this man only uses his bare hands to reach great heights in only a matter of hours.

Alex has broken a number of speed records, most notably the only known solo climb which is no wonder at all seeing how he does it, with so much grace and unbelievable speed. He is also one of the current record holders for The Nose with a climb time of 2:23:51. This man is definitely on top of his game, defying death and extreme dangers doing what he loves most — climbing.

Watch the video and be amazed:

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Boy, that was badass! He’ll pass for Spiderman but can even do better. Wow! You just made me a fan Alex.

Credits: National Geographic

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