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Adorable Piglet With Congenital Defect Walks Upright Using Its Front Legs





In 2011, a pig with a congenital defect made the news and captured the attention of people across the globe.

The hog, which is owned by a farmer in China, has no hind limbs; however, it learned how to walk using its front legs. The man said villagers delight in seeing the animal tread “like an upside down gymnast.”

Then came Zhu Jianqiang (a swine who could do the same stunt) and Chris P. Bacon. These pigs acquired the same birth defect. Nonetheless, they both became celebrities locally and internationally. Chris P. Bacon, however, later received a wheelchair to help increase his mobility.

Recently, another physically disabled piggy is receiving the same attention on social media. In the video, the energetic piglet walks on its front legs as it explores its surroundings.

Although viewers had mixed reactions after watching the clip, many of them loved the adorable, vibrant porker. The footage garnered 53K views and more than one thousand shares on Facebook to date.

Is it because it’s inspiring to see the piglet live an active life despite its condition? Perhaps.

Watch this and tell us what you think.

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