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Here Are 8 Insane Living Things Eaten By Sharks

Apparently, some sharks can’t keep their appetites in check!

Faye Marcos Jimenea





Sharks are known to be the top predators in the ocean and there is no question as to why that is. These animals have jaws that could cut a limb in half and lock their teeth on the flesh of their prey. Many aquatic animals fear it and even humans know that sharks will bite hard and fast.

So it’s no shocker that sharks would taste whatever they meet in the ocean water. A well known prey of the sharks are seals but did you know there have been listed encounters where sharks ate something crazier than just seals? Read on and find out!

A Man


Well, lets start off with something really shocking. We’ve heard of sharks biting down on limbs but here is one freakier story. Sam Kellet, a 28 year-old teacher was out and about in the sea, free diving and spear fishing when he was attacked by a shark. According to witnesses, he was swallowed whole and only his free diving gear was recovered from the gruesome attack.

A Cow

A video was uploaded on YouTube back in October 2016 where it showed a tiger shark attacking and eating a horned zebu cow. The video went viral and was picked up by numerous news channels around the globe.

A Dog

In the book by “Shark Attack,” Sir Victor Coppleson recalls finding the head and foreleg of a pet bulldog complete with a collar around its next. According to him it’s the erratic way of paddling by the dogs that would attract sharks.

A Crocodile

Source: Independent

Yes, you would think that crocodiles and their thick green skin would be an unlikely menu for sharks. But when a giant crocodile head washed up in the shores of Sta. Lucia, South Africa you’d think twice.

A Polar Bear

It was a lucky find by scientists who were trying to investigate as to why there were declining numbers of harbor seals in Svalbard. The remains were found in the stomach of a Greenland shark. Scientist believed that the shark ate the carcass of the dead polar bear.

A Dolphin

Larger sharks have been found to have dolphin remains in their stomach. Its no wonder though since sharks are predators and when they see food, they eat food.

A Tattooed Arm

A tiger shark that was captured and was transferred to an aquarium got sick for no apparent reason which eventually baffled the caretakers. Not too long after, the tiger shark disgorged a left forearm of a man with a tattoo on it – much to the surprise of the aquarium visitors and staff.

Other Sharks

A female shark devours on another shark in the COEX Aquarium. Yes, sharks actually prey on other sharks. The bigger you are the more likely you are not gonna get eaten by another shark!

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Eerie Religion Disposes Their Dead In The Most Peculiar Way!

The Zoroastrians have been dubbed as the “world’s first ecological religion” and their way of disposing the dead is very unusual.

Faye Marcos Jimenea



It's interesting to know that often times, cultures have different practices when it comes to the dead. Yes, the dead. Many of us know about burying the dead and cremating the dead but there is another strange way that people take care of the corpses.

Disposing the dead has been made easy nowadays but back then a group of people called the Zoroastrians had a very unusual way of doing so. The bodies of their dead aren't buried or cremated, instead they put them atop a tower known as Dhakmas or Towers of Silence to be scavenged and to decompose naturally. The Zoroastrians practices are very curious indeed and they have come to be known as the first "ecological religion" because of their belief about "all thing natural".

Tower of Silence

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Man Destroys Ex-GF’s Vibrator Because “She Loved It More Than Him”

The poor thing.




Jealousy is not strictly a woman thing. Men also get jealous of other men (or women) and this can make them do crazy things especially if their self-esteem is at stake. However, it's one thing to get jealous of a person; it's another if you get jealous of an object as the competition to your partner's affections.

This dude got jealous of his ex-girlfriend's vibrator and in his rage destroyed the helpless object.

This story involves a man named Rich Moore from Orpington, London and his ex-lover Sarah Mills.

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10 Epic Construction Fails That Are Just Too Dumb

OMG! You had one job, guys!

Jamie Casadores



We all make those little mistakes but thanks to modern technology, it has been easier to mend errors with just a touch of a button or a click of a mouse. Misspelled a word while typing? Just hit backspace if auto-correct hasn’t fixed it already! We almost always have the chance to mend mistakes with very little effort.

However, what if the error is much more permanent, say like a construction job? Well we can guess they probably caused tons of headaches to the builder and the owner. With things like elevators, stairs, windows and doors, mistakes would be too costly to fix, so some people just opt to leave them as they are.

Most of the pictures you are about to see are absolutely dumb and useless - but hey, they are worth a lot of chuckles!

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