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50 Stunning Photos That Aren’t What They Seem At All




#21 These clouds look like big waves.

#22 Looks like some nebula in outer space but this is just fireworks.

#23 Real or fake?

Source: mike_pants

This is not a scene in a video game. This photo was taken in Hawaii when the sun was directly overhead.

#24 An old witch, I mean, a log, is guarding this garage.

Source: PunNRun
#25 See those people hanging on the tree?

Source: koskinick

Don’t worry that’s just dust in the car.

#26 This wood split looks like a skyline of a different civilization in another planet.

Source: kentdent1
#27 Believe it or not, this photo was taken at night.

Source: KarlMarksman

That single second when lightning flashed across the sky.

#28 You might mistakenly eat this jellyfish for breakfast.

Source: Bored Panda
#29 Heart as cold as ice. This ice looks like human heart.

Source: Grattanus
#30 Not an Armageddon. Just an ordinary sunset

Source: Goal1
#31 There’s no hell in your bedroom, that’s a reflection of a sunset.

Source: PeteLX
#32 Creepy! This man looks like he is standing in a pile of dead bodies.

That’s actually a volcano.

#33 Want a swim?

Unfortunately, that’s not a beach, just some water puddle.

#34 Try surfing with these clouds.

#35 These burned pallets looks like birds are having a campfire.

Source: Bottlez21
#36 Nessie? This log looks like the Loch Ness Monster.

#37 These are real cats in a bag, not a cat design.

#38 Be careful where you walk, this isn’t solid ground, but a stream filled with dried leaves.

Source: TornadoShanx
#39 Godzilla! Oh, its just a lizard.

#40 Anteater- Panda hybrid? This anteater’s leg looks like a panda.

Source: wikipedia
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