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This Animated Video Shows Us How 5 Religions Spread Across the Globe

This animated video shows us exactly how 5 major religions started to spread across the globe.

Religion is usually a sensitive topic, especially nowadays. Believers and non-believers alike are always passionate in their differing views. Debates and discussions about who is right and which religion is correct are both endless and pointless. There’s really no value in arguing and discounting each other’s beliefs and values. Ultimately, practicing genuine respect is the only key to achieve true harmony. Just imagine how the world will be a better place if people can only be more accepting, despite their differences.

The animated video below by Business Insider gives us a comprehensive overview of how 5 global religions – namely Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam – have spread throughout the years. If you’ve always been interested to see how these religions flourished, click the play button and witness how it all happened.

Watch the animated feature here:

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As you’ve just seen, most of these religions had their humble beginnings in small geographic locations. Eventually, each of them began to dominate nearby areas and regions – or even continents.

It is likewise noteworthy that major growths have been achieved as governments made official religious endorsements to those under their jurisdiction. For instance, Christianity achieved greater recognition in Europe through the decree of Constantine, a Roman Emperor. The religion eventually made its way to Africa and America as Europe colonized their countries.

Buddhism, on the other hand, expanded its reach when Emperor Ashoka the Great converted to it and felt it his responsibility to live and preach the religion’s teachings. He sent missionaries to different countries and Buddhism started to spread in Nepal, China, Japan, and other nations.

These days, we rarely see such occurrences in the government as most leaders and officials are aiming to maintain religious freedom. It is what the masses clamor for after all. Although these religions maintain great influence in many countries, religious diversity continues to become the trend of the day as more and more people demand greater equality and tolerance.

How about you? Which religion do you practice and what do you love about it? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.


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