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20 Wonders of the World That Should Be Part of Your Bucket List




#11. Eiffel Tower, France

Eiffel Tower, France

Source: Lifefoc

Located in the City of Lovers, Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower is the country’s tallest building, standing over 1,000 feet tall.

Source: Alphacoders

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#12. Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India

Source: Flickr

It took 22 years to complete this majestic architecture. The Taj Mahal is popularly known as a monument of love built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and dedicated to his wife, Mumtaz.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Flickr
#13. Statue of Liberty, New York

Statue of Liberty, New York

Source: Pixabay

This colossal structure was a gift from France to the United States.
The female figure wearing a robe and holding a torch represents the Roman goddess Libertas, and she is a symbol of freedom of the country.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay
#14. Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain, South Africa

A popular landmark of Cape Town, Africa, the Table Mountain is called as such because of its flat-topped form. It is the country’s most frequented by tourists and also a favorite subject of photography.

#15. Maldives


We wouldn’t be surprised if Maldives is included. However, this beautiful island country is just one of the finalists of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Source: Pixabay

#16. guazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Source: Pixabay

The Iguazu Falls are the falls that divide Argentina and Brazil. It is included in the New 7 Wonders of Nature. According to legend, a serpent god was waiting on a sacrificial maiden, named Naipi, who ran away with her mortal lover in a canoe. The angry serpent divided the river, resulting to the magnificent waterfalls of today.

Source: Nico Kaiser
#17. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Source: Flickr

The Burj Khalifa is a skyrise building known as the world’s tallest, reaching a height of 2,722 feet. The Burj Khalifa was constructed in 2004 and its exterior was finished in 2009.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr
#18. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is is proof of an Incan civilization. It is made up of a complex of temples, plazas and paalces that may have served as a military fortress, ceremonial site or a sanctuary for the ruling elites.

Source: Pixabay

#19. Bay of Fundy, Canada

Bay of Fundy, Canada

This North American bay is famous for its high tides. In fact, it has the world’s highest tides. Things to do in this natural wonder include hiking on trails and kayaking.

Source: Wikipedia
#20. Petra, Jordan

This famous archaeological site in Jordan is about 300 B.C. old. Petra is also referred to as the Rose City because of the rose pink-colored sandstone cliffs that the structures were carved from. Petra is also included in the New 7 Wonders of the World.


Source: Sylvain L.

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