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15 Examples of How Animals Are Better at Social Distancing Than People

Especially cats!

  • Seems like animals do not have a problem with keeping distance.
  • Not surprisingly, cats are the champs of social distancing.
  • Even birds know how to do it.

Social distancing is the new normal (well, at least for most countries) and if you want to live to see next year, you must abide by it. In the midst of all the struggles that come with it, it’s truly comforting to see that even animals are doing their part, unintentional or not.

People around the world are taking notice of cats, dogs, and other animals (but mostly cats, because they are the natural champs of keeping their space) “doing” social distancing. Luckily, these people are taking pictures for us to see in all their cuteness.

These five cats space themselves by one or two ridges on the roof. A user described it as the “Perfect cat holder.”
These four black cats occupy one bench each. The benches are in identical designs too. It’s like seeing one picture times four.
These kitties look like they are waiting for their turn to go inside the store. To buy some treats, perhaps? Look at the patience and perfect distancing on this one!
A pigeon occupies a social distancing spot within a line of people in Poland. It’s cute how the girl allows the bird to take the spot.
Kitty patiently waits for his turn on the counter.
These seagulls are the epitome of perfect formation.
Perhaps the dog was saving a spot in the line for its owner? So adorable!
Another dog who knows how to follow the rules.
An old lady allows this ginger kitty to take a spot before her.
If peacocks can do it…
Social distancing in the snow for this group of moose.
One post in between is the rule for these ducks.
Four cats catching some sun, doing social distancing while at it.
These cuties perfectly demonstrate how far is far enough.
Cats do this all the time, social distancing or not.


Why is there no Street View in Germany?

Google Maps’ Street View of Germany is the legacy of the violent German history.


  • Google may have mapped 99 percent of American roads since 2007, but most of Germany remains unmarked on Google Map Street View.
  • Despite its success, the tech giant remains unable to breach the privacy of the sensitive Germans.
  • In 2010, instead of mapping the 20 largest cities of Germany, Google had to pay fines and leave the streets of Germany alone.

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Two Widowed Penguins “Comfort Each Other” in Heartwarming Images Taken by Photographer

This is just pure.

  • Wildlife photographer Tobias Baumgaertner has shared photos of two penguins, watching the city lights over Melbourne, Australia.
  • According to the photographer, a volunteer informed him that the animals are both widowed and they often meet to "comfort" each other.
  • Thousands of netizens on social media have been touched by the beautiful photos and the heartwarming story behind them.

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Woman Makes Duck Egg Hatch By Incubating It In Her Cleavage for 35 Days

She is a “plus size girl,” so the egg had a very comfortable and secure nest.

  • She rescued it from a nest filled with smashed eggs.
  • She wedged it in her bra for 35 days, rotating the egg 4-5 times a day.
  • She had to help the duckling get out of its shell and take care of it until it becomes well enough.

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