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10 Important Ways to Embrace Your Value and Learn to Love Yourself


Sometimes, people can be so hard on themselves, believing they don’t deserve their good fortune or the successes that come their way. At other times, they lie under the delusion any praises received are misdirected, and feel like fraudsters moving along on borrowed talent.

It can be so easy to discredit oneself. However, the moment you start to, you undervalue your true worth, and your self-esteem immediately takes a nose-dive, masking your value from yourself, and eventually from other people.

…which becomes a humongous mental block to loving yourself.

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This psychological phenomenon is called the “impostor syndrome,” which more than 70% of people have experienced at one time or another in their lives. This psychological incapacity is capable of making you feel like all your successes are the result of luck, good timing, or deceiving other people into thinking you’ve achieved something all by yourself.

Here are 10 ways you can combat the feeling of being unworthy, and learn to fiercely love the you that’s capable of achieving so much:

#1. Recognize that “impostor syndrome” exists.

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…and work your way around it. When you are aware of this psychological phenomenon, you’ll become more perceptive of its effect on your self-worth.

#2. Treat all feedback objectively.

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…then internalize it. Don’t discount other people’s opinions of your worth because to do so would be insulting their judgement.

#3. Don’t put down all your achievements to good luck

…it would be like attributing all your efforts and triumphs to superstition.

#4. Don’t cheapen your exploits by using “only,” “simply,” “merely,” or other similar terms.

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…your feats mean a lot to other people, let them mean a big deal to yourself, as well.

#5. Record both your successes and failures in a journal.

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…and re-read them side by side often. That way you’ll gain a greater perspective of the sacrifices and effort you have gone through to get where you are now.

#6. On the other hand, no one is perfect.

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…so you can’t be expected to carry the weight of the world, and beat yourself over the head if something goes wrong. Allow your mistakes and disappointments to be a prodding point to move you forwards and upwards.

#7. If you are an innately humble person, then be proud of it.

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…its a stellar trait to have. By all means celebrate your modesty, but don’t allow yourself to be ruled it.

#8. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.

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…even the best of people know when to seek assistance.

#9. Accept that you cannot be expected to know everything.

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…and there are some things which will escape your vigilance. The tipping point lies in whether you choose to remain ignorant, or decide to learn more.

And most importantly…

#10. Value yourself.

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…you are of great worth to other people. Start channeling that worth into yourself, as well.

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