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10 Actions that are Romantic in Movies But Never in Real Life





You will not be able to deny the fact that at some point in your life, you watched classic romantic and romcoms with your significant partner or if you’re single, your cat. There’s really something about these movies that turn you to mush as you watch the guy protagonist profess his undying love for his ladylove in the most badass way possible.
Then again, you suddenly remember that it’s just the movies and there’s probably a reason why they’re just magical on screen but never in real life. We give you the ten romantic fails that are only dreamy on the big screen but actually suck when they happen in the real world.

10. Kissing in the rain

10 Kissing in the rain

If you’ve watched The Notebook (and you probably have a million times), the kiss in the rain shared by the films’ protagonists looked absolutely cheesy and passionate. In real life however, being in the rain means being wet, cold and really unpleasant. Besides, you wouldn’t want to catch a cold the morning after, do you?

9. Going to a resto without a reservation

9 Going to a resto without a reservation

Sure it looks absolutely badass when the guy takes a girl to a chic restaurant without any prior reservation, but that really doesn’t happen in real life. That’s the thing about movies, they totally ignore reality in the hopes of making people believe that what they present is real and true.

8. Meeting in a Gym or working out together

8 Meeting in a Gym or working out together

In movies, we see couples who meet in the gym, work out together and they instantly hit it off. Truth of the matter is, gyms are the worst places to meet the potential love of your life. After all, you’re there for a reason, and that is to get in shape. Besides, since when did being sweaty become a romantic thing?

7. Doing absolutely anything just to get a date

7 Doing absolutely anything just to get a date

Ever saw the film where a guy blasts music from his boombox as he stands outside the window of the girl he’s trying to woo? We really couldn’t make up our minds if his actions were pathetic or creepy. When a girl says no, take her word for it. It’s not some game she’s playing for you to show your persistence.

6. Sharing food at the restaurant

6 Sharing food at the restaurant

Okay, so maybe sharing food can be quite romantic, but it depends on what you actually eat. If it happens to be spaghetti, just be careful not to have pasta sauce all over you. It will turn out to be more messy than it is cheesy.

5. A room full of candles

5 A room full of candles

Setting the bedroom in the mood for a bit of love making with your partner by using lit candles all over the room might not actually be a good idea. You wouldn’t want to actually hit one and accidentally light the room on fire, right?

4. Taking a shower together

4 Taking a shower together

This looks completely sexy on the big screen, but when done in real life can actually be difficult. Apart from the fact that the shower area has to be big enough to fit both you and your partner, the water washes off the lube, making it painful to have sex. So yeah, this only works in films but never steamy in real life.

3. Surprise proposals

3 Surprise proposals

We have to clarify this entry since most proposals these days are done in surprise. You don’t necessarily have to tell her the nitty gritty of your proposal plans, but do make sure that settling down is something that the both of you have actually talked about and not something that you thought spur of the moment.

2. Stopping someone from getting on a plane

2 Stopping someone from getting on a plane

Do you seriously think the airport security will let you run around the airport chasing after another passenger? Besides, why on earth are you going to declare love for someone right before they board a plane?! That is just insane! It just makes you look like an insensitive guy who does not know how to communicate his feelings right.

1. The morning after

1 The morning after

It would be a blessing to find a partner you find beautiful as she wakes up in the morning. Most movies make it seem like this is a given especially after the guy takes home the girl from a bar and they wake up googly eyed for each other. Besides the fact that this is so unrealistic, brushing one’s teeth before getting some morning action is very sensible.

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